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Monday, June 18, 2018

Last Day of School 2017-2018

Oh man, another school year is in the books for these two kids.  It was a special one that is for sure. This was the first year of them being at the same school together.  Even though they didn't see each other often, the rare moments when they did was always bought a smile to each of their faces I know that for sure.  It was also a special one for me as it was the first year I felt like I was really involved in both their classrooms and really got a sneak peek into their school life.

I have no idea how we got as lucky as we did when it came to both their classes and teachers.  Madden had the most perfect kinder class.  Each kid really bought something special to the class and his teachers were having a hard time knowing that they won't be back next year.  The teachers always gave Madden high praise and thought he was just the funniest guy around.  He was well liked by all his classmates and he absolutely loved going to school.  Once that door opened he ran in never looking back.  He walked out of kinder being one of the most studious kids in his class.   He loved that he got to be at the red table (meaning the more advanced kids), got to do challenge work, and his math skills were above and beyond.  He even worked really hard when it came to working on his speak and we have seen such an improvement in that area as well.  

Same goes for Skylar's class.  She was lucky enough to get Mrs. Aubertin again as her teacher and really made some great friends in her class.  Whenever I went into volunteer the class was always so well behaved and attentive.  

It was defintely a hard day to say good-bye to such wonderful classrooms and teachers.

Madden's kinder class put on a very cute performance for all the parents.  They sang two songs, well Madden only sang one (see video below), and read a ABC poem.  I'm not going to lie at the end of the poem when they all mention 1st grade I teared up.  I really grew to love all the kids in Madden's class and the friendship I saw him form were so special.

No better teachers then Mrs. Valenty and Mrs. Brisebois.  Both our kids were so blessed to have them.  It's hard knowing we won't have them as our teachers ever again.

Madden and his best buddy William.

Madden, Jude, Ando, and William.  The fab four for sure.

Madden, Reid, Marco, and Ando.  

Couldn't be more proud of our kinder grad.  He absolutely loved his kinder year, but is really excited for 1st grade and full day school.

For Skylar's last day her class got a pajama party and movie.  Mrs. Aubertin sadly missed the last day of school because of her daughter's graduation but they celebrated with her the day before.  Skylar's 2nd grade school year was full of friends and fun.  She loved all the kids in her class making really strong bonds with some of the girls.  She also really started excelling school wise as well.   Her reading had definitely improved and she got the top Math award from her teacher.

Sydney, Skylar, Stevie and Maggie.

Skylar and Olivia.  These two became thick as thieves this school year.

Olivia, Stevie, Skylar, Gabby, Maggie and Sydney.

Lucy and Skylar.  Best friends since kindergarten.  Lucky enough to be in the same class three years in a row.  I'm praying next year will be four.

Here is a little video celebrating the last day of kindergarten and 2nd grade.  We couldn't be more proud of the kids and all their achievements this school year.

Last Week of School Fun

We all know that the last week of school is just fun and games for the kids.  Skylar and Madden had nothing be fun those last few days of school with parties, pizza, and treats all week.

Madden having a fun at science day.

Skylar's class had their class party on Monday that was crafts, games, and their own personal pizza party outside of the school.  All the pizza was made to order for the kids.

Madden had his party on Tuesday where they did crafts and made summer cupcakes.

On Tuesday was Skylar's field day where they are put into teams and compete in different sports events.  Skylars team didn't win, but she still had a blast.

On Wednesday Skylar had her last day with Mrs. Aubertin where they played board games and Mrs. Aubertin past out awards to each student.  Skylar got the Mathlete Award.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 2018

Someone lost their top front tooth.  He lost it while eating an In & Out Burger. I swear he aged 10 years after loosing it.

 Jake took Skylar for her first round of golf.  She really enjoyed it.

Memorial Day pool time.

Dance Recital 2018

It has be a very busy dance year for us.  Skylar continued her jazz, tap, and ballet classes during the week.  So with us being at the studio as much as we are I was able to convince Madden to try a hip hop class.  Getting him to try the class took a trip to Target to buy a new nerf gun, but it was worth it.  I have been begging for Skylar to try hip hop and she has refused, so I was willing to do anything to get Madden to try.  After his first class I asked the teacher if he liked it, because I knew he wouldn't give me much feedback, and she told me he had a smile on his face the whole time.  I finally got my little hip hopper. So when recital time came around it was extra special being able to see Madden up there for the first time.  

I couldn't of been more proud of Skylar.  She really dedicated herself to her dance this year by spending every Saturday at the studio.  She had to miss out on friends parties and time with the family to show her commitment to her dance.  

Skylar was participating in four different routines this year for recital, so she was a busy girl.  For Ballet she performed in Rain.

Madden's hip hop routine was called Ridin Solo.  He was a star up there.  He was right up in front, smiling, and loving every single minute while on stage.  I cried when I saw him up there for the first time, just like at Skylar's dance recital.  He really loves hip hop and said that he is probably going to dance until he gets his 15 year dance award.  

Skylar & Stella

Sofia, Sophia, and Skylar.  Theses girls carpool every week together to and from the studio.

We can't forget out third dancer of the show...Jake!! He was a rock start his year.  It was a really hard routine for the Dads this year but Jake knocked it out of the park.  He and Skylar practiced at home all the time and it really showed on stage.  Someone even came up to Jake and asked him how long had he be teaching at the dance studio.....haha!  I was so proud of that moment.

Backstage with Sophie and Mabel.

Reese, Stella, Skylar and Sophie.

Burnin Up was the theme for Father/Daughter.

Backstage selfies with Reese.

I couldn't of been more proud of these two.  I love seeing them do something together that they both love.

One proud Mama.

Always there to support our little dancers are the grandparents.  Wouldn't be a dance recital without them there.

In the wing right before going on stange.

I'm sure I say this every year, but this was truly Skylar's best dance year.  She has really improved so much and seeing her on stage and the joy and excitement it brings her is always so heart-warming.  She even told me that she wants to try hip-hop this year, which makes me so happy.  

Tap was Jailhouse Rock.

Jazz was Beach Babes.