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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Madden's Last Day of Preschool

Well, its an end of an era in the Ernest household as we no longer have a preschooler in the house.  It's been four years straight of preschool fun in our house and seeing it come to an end definitely wasn't easy.  For the last month Madden has been saying how excited he was for school to end because he wants to go to Kindergarten, but when I was holding his hand and walking him to Room 2 for the last time he told me he was a little sad.  

I remember being extremely nervous for Madden to start preschool.  He was in a really tough stage and I honestly thought he wasn't going to make it, but from the first day when we dropped him off preschool has brought him nothing but the greatest joy.  He has made the greatest friendships and proven to be a wonderful student.  His teachers tell me he is the leader in the classroom and all the kids gravitate towards him as he is very fun and charismatic towards everyone.  We couldn't be more proud of the strides he has made and watching him grow this past two years have truly been so special.  

Carol and Madden.  During his time at preschool Madden has mentioned several girls who are his "girlfriend," and Carol was definitely one of them.

For graduation the kids sang several songs to say good-bye to preschool.

Room 2 final picture together.

Madden and his best friend Carter.  These two couldn't of been closer.

Madden and Ms. Marian.  Probably the sweetest person we have ever had in our life. 

Ms. Tanya.  She put up with a lot of Madden's silliest these past two years.

The Graduate.

Oh how he has grown.   
Looking forward to what the future will be bringing this handsome guy!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dads & Donuts 2017

With the end of our preschool era quickly approaching we have been trying to cherish every little preschool moment we have left.  Jake got to celebrate he last ever Dads and Donuts with Madden last week.  

Madden delivering breakfast to Dad.  Jake said Madden ate most of the donuts.

Madden's gift to Dad.

Madden - "I love Dad because he makes me Dinner."

Dance party with the Dads.  As you can see Madden and his buds are the center of the dance party.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Day of First Grade

Well another year of school is in the books for Skylar.  1st Grade was really a ease for our girl.  She absolutely loved her teacher and her classmates.  I was a little nervous about the combo class, but she did fantastic in it, she made a ton of new friends, her reading and writing is beyond stellar and she conquered all three sets of the monkey bars.

Lucy, Skylar and Katie.

Two years in a row as classmates.  I'm hoping they will all be together in 2nd grade.

Lucy, Liam, and Skylar.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Safari Park Field Trip

After attending Madden's first field trip a couple weeks ago, I was really excited about being able to join Skylar on her second field trip of the year.  All the first graders from school headed to the Safari Park for the day.  In my group I had Skylar, Lucy (Skylar's BFF), and their classmate Alexis.

When we arrived the girls wanted to join the rest of the first grade girls from their class so we hung together all day.

We took the tram around the park seeing rhinos, giraffes, elephants, tigers, and gorillas.

Adriana and Skylar.

Skylar, Lucy and Katie.

We had a couple whinny moments, couple tears, and some begging for ice cream, but that is to be expected.  In the end the girls did really well, had a great time together and it was really special for me to see Skylar interact with all her classmates.

Field Day

The school year is definitely coming to an end because its all about having fun these last few days for Skylar.  It all kicked off with Field Day for everyone.  Skylar was on the white team with Ciera, Parker, Beckett, and Maxon.  They participated in four different events and lucky for Skylar her team came out on TOP.

Mrs. Aubertin and all her 1st Graders!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 2017

Madden hanging in his classroom with all his buddies

On a adventure hike at Torrey Pines with Dad.

Just hanging out in Carlsbad Village.

Skylar's Dance Recital 2017

This year has really been a exciting year for Skylar and her dancing.  First off we were able to get her in the same class as Sophie, something has as wanted for a couple years now.  I think being in class with her friends definitely helped her a bigger appreciation for dance.  She also requested we added another class to her weekly schedule so we put her back into ballet after a year off.  She spent more hours at the dance studio than ever and I must say she never complained once about going.  Even at night when we would ask her about her favorite parts of the day, dance was always one of them.  

With Recital Weekend finally arriving we all couldn't be more excited to see all of Skylar's hard work on stage.  This year she was going to be performing in four different dances, meaning she was going to be on stage ten times over the weekend.  

Ballet - Swan Lake

Ballerina Beauties.

Jazz - Jump for my Love

Tap - Eye of the Tiger

The girls had the best support system this weekend by having the best grandparents cheering them on.  My Dad got us an RV so we BBQ all weekend long in between each of the girls dances.  Made the weekend extra special.

Mary Poppins was the theme for this years Father/Daughter dance.   Jake and Skylar shined this year and even got themselves a small solo part.  

Madden was the best supporting little brother.  He sat through three shows (did fall asleep during one), and was always the loudest one cheering his sister on.

We were even lucky enough to get Aunt Sherry down for the weekend.  

Ms. Kaitlyn, the girl's Jazz instructor.

Backstage with the Room 3 Crew.  

Skylar, Savannah, Sophie and Mabel.  

There is nothing better than seeing the joy on Skylars face that dance brings her.  When we are backstage and her number is called the smile is priceless.  I can't wait to see what this next year with dance brings our little girl.