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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sedona/Polar Express 2017

For the a couple years now I have been wanting to take the kids to the special Polar Express train ride in Arizona.  I have spoken with friends who have taken the trip to Williams, AZ and they all said that there is nothing more magical then seeing your kids experience it.  Since we were going to Arizona, I wanted to stay in Sedona.  We all know who pretty it is, so I was looking forward to experiencing it.  

Walking around the downtown Sedona they were all decorated for the holidays.

My friend told me the best way to experience the Sedona mountains is to take a Pink Jeep Tour ride.  We had a blast 4x4 in an open aired jeep and stopping at some of the most beautiful spots Sedona had to offer.

Admiring the view.


My Dad kept mentioning wanting to feel the vortex.  They say if you hike to a certain spot on the mountains you can feel a vortex, so we decided to take the hike to feel it.  The kids lead the hike and actual walked further than me.  I don't know if we ever felt the vortex, but we saw some beautiful views once again.

The next day it was time to head up to Williams.  We left first thing in the morning, had a breakfast in Flagstaff, and then headed to Bearizona.  Bearizona is a drive thru zoo.  We didn't really know what to expect, but it definitely didn't disappointment.  We saw it all, just right out our car window.

Deer, Wolves, Bisons, and tons of Black Bears.

Once we got to Williams the kids saw the zipline and were all about it.  I did it once and it was enough for me, but the kids had to do it twice.

We ate an early dinner and then changed into our pajames before boarding the train.

Golden tickets.

The train arriving.

The train ride is about an hour and a half.  It follows everything in the book to a tee.  The chefs are entertaining the entire train car.  We all got hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.  They even have the author of the book read the book to everyone on the train.

Once we arrived to the North Pole the kids were in disbelief. It was so magical to see their reactions.

After leaving the North Pole everyone is belting out Christmas carols as loud as they can to get Santa to hear them.  I honestly haven't sang that many Christmas carols in my life.  It was really cool to even see my dad partake in the singing.

And then...the big man arrives!!!  The kids were THRILLED to say the least, when Santa came into our train car.  He gave all the kids hugs and handed out the signature silver bells to each kid.

The whole trip surpassed all my expectations.  We did so many fun and adventurous activities without one single complaint from the kids.  Ate fabulous food and saw surreal views.  Top all off by a trip to the North Pole.  Definitely a trip we would like to do again in the near future, before there is no more believing.

Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017

Couldn't be more proud of Jake for running a PR at the Silver Strands Half Marathon.  

For months now I have been wanting to take the kids to Medieval Times and we finally made it happen.  Papa, of course, got us the VIP package which gave us front row seats for the event.  The kids absolutely loved everything about it.  Sadly our knight wasn't the one on top, but Skylar was named Queen of our team.

Lennon telling the bad guy to go away...haha!

Matthew and Erin hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner this year.  They had a beautiful table were we all got to seat a family and eat.  There was tons of food, great company and a lot of fun conversation.  Here is our dinner sped up.

No better way to kick of the holiday season than with my favorite people in this world.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Jog-a-Thon 2017

Nothing else says welcome to Fall, than the annual Jog-a-Thon at the kids school!  This year was definitely extra special since it was the first time Skylar and Madden would be doing it together.  The kids raised enough money to put them in the Gold Level so they were coming home with prizes each day leading up to the big race.  Jake was able to switch some travel around so he could volunteer in Madden's class, while I helped out in Skylar's.  The night before the kids and I read the blog entry from last years Jog-a-thon and read that Skylar ran 28 laps, so they now had a number to beat.

Madden most likely bossing his classmates around before they head out to the field..haha!

Madden and Ando.

This year they had the marines come out and warm the kids up before the run.

Madden was a machine!  I was on the opposite side of the field of his table and I swear it took me like 5-10 laps to finally get a glimpse of him running by because he was running so fast.

In the end Madden ran 32 laps in the 30 minutes they were running.  Jake said he only stopped twice for a quick sip of water and was off again.

Popsicle treats for all their hard work.

I don't get to volunteer in Skylar's class as much as Madden's so I was excited to be around her and her classmates.  

Skylar and Olivia.

Team Yellow heading to the field.

Skylar and her sweet classmates.
Immy, Gabby, Lucy, Cassie, Skylar and Stevie.

(I have to make a note about how cute Skylar looks here being a half a head shorter than all her friends.)

Warming up with the marines.  

Skylar started off really strong, Jake said he saw her running in and around people like she was the flash.  Unfortunately I think that strong start was a little too much for her because I saw her starting to take more and more water breaks, then she was walking a couple laps, and in the end she didn't quite met her number from last year, but she did complete 18 laps which was a number to be proud of. 

Lucy and Skylar (BFFs).

Mrs. Aubertin and her running wild students.

In the end, Madden earned the bragging rights, but we couldn't of been more proud of the both of them.