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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brick or Treat

The Halloween festivities countine to roll on for the Ernest Family.  Last week we did our annual trip to Brick or Treat at Leogland.  Superheros are what the kids are all about lately, so picking out their Brick or Treat costume was an easy choice.   

We met up with Sophie and Reese.  Reese is the girls new friend from their soccer team. It was Madden's first trip to Brick or Treat and he didn't seem to mind being the only boy of the group.

We ran into Bray and Sienna once we got into the park.  We were able to ride the carousal with them and watch a Halloween show.

The girls got to do-si-do with the Legoland friends while a folk band jammed on.

Spider Girl and Pocahontas!

We later hit up the Wanda's dance party at the Sea Life aquarium.  The kids had such a good time there.  The beach balls were the highlight of the party.  Kids were running around like crazy chasing them down.  Madden would block kids up against a wall and then smack the ball out of their hands.  Whenever he got the ball he would run it over and give it to his sister.  He said they were all working as a team to get them.

They finally put the balls away for a bit and got the kids to dance. Madden for sure had his dancing shoes on that evening and danced the night away.  

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Tooth Fairy's First Visit

Skylar celebrated a big milestone this weekend by losing her first tooth.  Like most things with Skylar it was a pretty slow process.  Her tooth had been loose for weeks.  Jake and I would tell her you have to wiggle it and she would tell us, "I did wiggle it one time today."  So to say the least it took at least a month before it came out.  She woke up Friday morning and the tooth was sitting really high and barely hanging on.  I sat with her for a half an hour trying to convince her to let me wiggle it, I was showing her how to wiggle back and forth with her tongue.  I gave her snacks and told her to bite the snack with her tooth because it was about to fall out, but being the apprehensive child that she is, left it as it was.

That evening we headed out to dinner with the Rossittos.  The kids ordered pizza and as we were all sitting there eating when Jess shouts "Skylar your tooth!"  We all told her it was gone and to spit it out.  She spit everything in her mouth into Jake's hand (nasty), but no tooth.  She was too late and looked to have swallowed it a couple bites before Jess notice it.  We all cheered and gave her big hugs and ordered ice cream around to celebrate.  Luckily she wasn't too upset that she swallowed her tooth and we told her not to worry, we would write a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened.

Jake and I had a plan in place.  He was going out to meet a buddy and when he got home he would slip the $5.00 from the tooth fairy under Skylar's pillow.  I awoke to Jake walking straight into our room and to bed, so I assumed that he had one to many and forgot his tooth fairy duties.  So I got up, ran downstairs grabbed a five and slyly went into Skylar's room, pulled the note from under her pillow and slipped a five dollar bill under it.  That morning we were up before the kids and Jake was asking where the note was because he couldn't find it so he just put the money under her pillow.  Lucky for Skylar she woke up to a ten spot because of the double visit.  

Our Little Reader

She has only been in kindergarten for about six weeks and I'm completely amazed on her progress.

Pumpkin Patch and more Pumpkin Fun!

Yes, even with this ridiculous heat we still made it out to Bates Nut Farm for our annual pumpkin patch trip.  We went on the first week they were open and it was completely empty, but the temps weren't on our side.  It was a toasty 95 degrees out there, so it made our trip pretty quick.  Skylar got her pony ride in.  For some reason we still can't get Madden to ride one.  

The kids were pretty timid when it came to feeding the animals. They both refused the petting zoo, but after some convincing we got them to throw the corn kernels through the fence.

Madden even shared his fig bar with the goats, which if you know Madden and his fig bars, sharing is never an option.

The heat couldn't keep Skylar out of the corn maze.  Madden lasted about 10 feet and asked to go back in the shade.  

Nana and Uncle Chris were such trooper and ran the maze with her.  She was very determined to get her card completed.  

Annual Bates Nut Farm Family photo.  Madden refused to join us. 

With the heat a blazing, it was time to pick out our pumpkins and get out of there.  I was able to rain Madden in a bit and keep him from throwing in every pumpkin he could pick up.  I promised them two pumpkins each, which seemed to do the trick.  

Even with the temperatures being outrageous for this time of year, just having the pumpkins around the house is helping it feel like fall.

A couple weeks ago my Mom asked me if I wanted to go to this special event happening at the Safari Park in San Diego.  It's called Rise of the Jack o Lanterns, and it's a trail of 5000+ amazingly craved pumpkins.  It was a definite YES and we purchased tickets right away.  We had a big group of my parents, Matthew, Erin, Lennon, as well as Brittany and KK. My pictures are pretty bad and don't do any of it justice.  

Madden and Sponge Bob Square Pants.  The kids had the eyes closed in every pictures because of the flash.

You can see the incredible dinosaurs craved all out of pumpkins.

Chinese Dragon.

After we made it through the trail the kids round around a bit with Lennon.  They couldn't get enough of Lennon, especially Madden.  He wouldn't stop giving him hugs and would sneak in a couple kisses.  He was devastated when it was time for everyone to leave.  He kept telling us how he didn't want Lennon to go home.

We all had a good time as a family and couldn't of been more entertained by the pumpkin displays.