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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 2016

Skylar's classroom earned a popsicle party.

Olivia, Lucy, and Skylar

The kids got a selfie stick and took 100s of pictures of themselves.

Skylar's classroom also earned a pajama party.

Skylar and Lucy

Our community had movie night...can you guess the theme?!?!

Skylar and her classmate Leyla.

We spent Father's Day at the beach with these rad dads and their awesome kids.

Skylar and Sophie first camp of the summer started this week....cheer camp.

Weekend Fun in the Desert

For a post Father's Day celebration we decide to head out to the desert with my parents.  Since the kids had such a blast at the Las Palmas Resort when we went in January we figured why not go back.  We headed out Thursday for a long weekend of swimming and fun.  The summer heat wave had just hit with temps in Palm Springs being 120 on Monday.  Lucky for us, the temps dropped a bit so we weren't dealing with that blazing heat, but it definitely wasn't cool.   

In the pool is where we spent most of our time! Skylar and Madden did the lazy river, water slides, and splash pad the whole time.  They kept cool with dippin dots and icee's the whole weekend.  Pool time ended promptly when someone threw up in the pool on our last afternoon there.

Dined at some great restaurants!

Our hotel room was right in front of the duck pond so the kids shared their goldfish crackers with them in the mornings.

It was a fun, quick getaway for us and the perfect way to kick off summer!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Del Mar Fair 2016

This summer I'm happy to announce we made it to the Del Mar Fair for the first time ever!  Most people were shocked to hear we have never been.  Sadly I have had a bad taste in my mouth about the Fair because I have to sit in Fair traffic for the whole month of June.  I see all the cars and crowds that it has totally turned me off to going.  This year I was somewhat forced to go for two reasons 1) My boss gave me a Fair Ticket Package for Staff Appreciation Day and 2) Skylar's dance number was chosen to perform at the Fair.  I took the day off work and we headed down to the Fair with Jess and Sophie.

Not long after we arrived Kelly, Braydon, and Siena joined in on all the fun.  We hit as many rides and games before Skylar and Siena's performances.

Skylar did great during her performance and it was sad to see Grand Ole Flag come to an end.

Jake and Madden came down right after Madden got out of school.  Madden was the perfect height to ride most of the rides.

Monster Truck was a HIT!

Ferris Wheel

Jake and Madden racing down the slide.  He loved it.  I really wish Skylar wasn't so scared and would of rode it as well.

A Fair must....the Bumper Cars!

The kids did ride after rides.  Between the five kids we must of went through 300 tickets.  They had popcorn, snow cones and endless fun.  I'm totally hooked on the Fair and can't wait until next year!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Madden's Last Day of 3 Year Old Preschool

Well Madden did it! He finished his first year of preschool with nothing but pure joy each day.  I was so nervous with Madden starting preschool.  He was still a little behind on speech and was having a few small behavioral issues so I wasn't sure how the first year would go.  Needless to say, it was an awesome year!  Madden has grown so much and going to school those two days a week was his dream.  His teachers tell us the same things about him "Madden is just always so happy!"  It really melts my heart knowing that he brings so much cheer and bliss to his classroom each day.

Being silly on the last day!

Greeting Ms. Marian and Ms. Tanya on the last day of school.

  Sadly Madden was having a "no picture" morning so I had to sneak as many as I could before he got too upset with me.

Here is a "no picture" face.  

Madden also has turned into quite the social butterfly making some great friends during his first year.  He has his little crew of buds of Enzo, Carter, and Bradien,  but also loves to play family with Hudson and Sofia.  I'm thankful that he still has one more year of preschool with these wonderful teachers and lively classmates.  

Skylar's Last Day of Kindergarten

I feel like a broken record every time I do a blog entry about a last day of school because I'm always wondering where the year went.  I still have such a vivid memory of the ice cream party on the day before the first day of school when the kids find out what classroom they will be in for the year.  I remember lining up at Skylar's new kindergarten class room and she was holding my hand so tight because she was so nervous.  Well those nerves didn't last long as I would barely get a "good-bye" at drop off.  She was so excited to be at school each morning.  Running into the classroom with such excitement each day.

It has been such a wonderful kindergarten year, it was really hard for me to see it come to an end.  Skylar was an exceptional student (and I'm not just saying that because she is mine).  She has learned so much when it comes to reading, writing, and math.  Her teachers tell us she is definitely 1st grade ready.

For the last day the teachers put on a cute Hawaiian Theme end of the year party.  Us parents came in to watch the kids do a little performance.  They sang the most adorable rainbow song which of course brought me to tears, read a ABC poem, and ended the performance with an rap song.

The friendships that Skylar made this year was also such an added bonus.  She has made friends with the sweetest kids.

Skylar and Olivia

Skylar and Lucy

Liam, Lucy and Skylar.  It was so awesome being able to walk to school with these three buds.

Parker and Skylar

Jake and I couldn't be more proud of our girl.  

Don't know how we got so lucky to have the best two kinder teachers around.  Mrs. Valenty and Mrs. Brisebois were just incredible and we are so thankful for everything they taught Skylar this year.