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Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015

We took the kids bowling for the first time.  They couldn't get enough of it.

Swim Sisters!

Madden loving his summer camp days.

Poor Bubs got hit with the stomach flu.  Took him out for two days and then got Skylar. That was a rough weekend for us.

Enjoyed another sunset dinner and swim.

After the movie Straight Outta Compton came out, everyone was doing their own Straight Outta pictures.

Skylar has really progressed on her bike riding.  She is getting so close.

Cabo 2015

 Sun and Fun!  That is how we wanted to end summer so we decided to book a trip to Cabo before summer came to an end and the craziness of school begins.

CAB-OOOOO here we come!!!

Each day of our trip was spend the same way.  Swimming all day, dinner, and some cruising around the resorts until 9:30 bed time.  We were always by the pool bright and early.  

The best part of the pool was the huge pirate ship in the middle of it.  The kids would swim around the pirate ship all day long.  We would put on pretend treasure hunts and adventures for them, which they just loved!

Madden was a little fish the whole trip.  We just need to work on using two arms.

The sister resort had a whale water slide that the kids saw on the first night we were there.  They begged to ride it, but the pool there wasn't as good as our resorts so Jake and I tried to get them to forget about it.  After a full day of begging for the water slide we took them over to the resort to ride it.  They both took turns riding it with Jake and got really scared how fast it went after just one ride and demanded we go back to our pool.  We didn't hear one more thing about the water slide until we were on our way to the airport and we asked Skylar and Madden their favorite part of the trip.  To which Madden proclaimed the water slide!!  I don't get that kid sometimes.  

Cannonball!  Madden was shouting cannonball all trip.

 The beautiful blue, warm ocean water is what I was the most excited about.  I could of been in the ocean for hours.  Even though the water was deemed swimable, it was still way too rough for the kids so we were only able to go down for short periods of time because they preferred the pool.  We would take turns during nap time to take dips in the ocean and Jake even fit in some paddle boarding.

With all the swimming and sun the kids would pass out every day in their lounge chairs for afternoon naps by the pool.  When they would wake up it was either smoothie or ice cream time.  I was addicted to the Bob Marley's.  

After being in the pool since 9:00 AM we would end our pool days around 4:00 PM to get some down time before heading to dinner. The hotel has a trolley that takes you to and from the two other sister resorts.  We would take the trolley a ton during our trip.  Madden absolutely loved riding it.  

We ate most of our dinners at the hotel buffet.  It wasn't a typical meal if Madden didn't have 4-5 plates in front of him.  

Every evening a theme dance show was put on.

Skylar loved watching the shows each evening!

 Skylar when asked what her favorite part of the trip was she simply said "Just spending time with my family."   

Monday, August 10, 2015

Skylar at Cheer Camp

After our trip to Newport it was back to camp for Skylar and Madden.  I signed Skylar up for this little cheer and dance camp months ago.  I remembered seeing a friend's daughter doing it last summer and it was too adorable to pass up.  Skylar and her friend Ellie signed up together and had the best week.  Each day had a theme and they were taught different cheer moves and a dance routine for their end of the week performance.  During the week they also did art and crafts, a talent show (which Skylar said she and her friend Ellie did a dance to Taylor Swift - Blank Space for their talent), and had a water day.

For the final day the parents were asked to come early to watch the girls perform everything they had learned.  We had been begging Skylar all week to show us some cheer moves, but she wanted to leave it all for the performance.

Skylar and Ellie.

They started the performance off with the cheer portion of the show.

Then it was time to get their dance on.  I was so proud of her that she was able to learn that whole dance in just a week.  We had a blast watching her!

Click on the below link to watch her dance performance.

Summer camps have been a big success this summer for Skylar.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 2015

Skylar and her friend Ellie had a playdate at our house and they decorated cupcakes

We ate dinner at the beach and watched the sunset one evening.

Concert in the Park.  It was a Johnny Cash cover band.

Talk about crazy weather, we had 3 days of rain in the middle of July so we took the kids to the Museum of Making Music during one of the rainy days.  They loved it!

Friday Night Pool Party with the whole crew!

The kids performing for the parents.

Beach morning with Sophie.

Skylar and Sophie took part in an all girls camp put on by a girl in our neighborhood.  They had a water day, a tea party with they dolls, and did a huge scavenger hunt in the neighborhood.