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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our sick little bug

The day after Thanksgiving Skylar woke up very early and wanted to lay in our bed.  Soon after that she puked all over Jake and than again downstairs.  We felt so bad for her.  She was so subdue and just wanted to lay on the couch and watch cartoons on mama's phone.  Before we knew it, she was past out with the thermometer in her hands.  After she woke up from her nap she was back to 100% asking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we really lucked out this time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Anderson's Holiday Party

Let the Holiday Party Season begin!!  This past weekend was the first of four holiday parties we are attending this year.  When Darc called and said she wanted to host a holiday party we knew it was the one party we didn't want to miss. We decided the best time to have it was in November, since everyone has their own parties in December.

Blake and Darci had their house already decorated and there was a spread of amazing food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.  I love getting together with our friends.  The guys had no problem having a good time and toasting to the holiday (especially my husband, who was talking some funny nonsense on the drive home).  Us ladies just enjoyed chatting and catching up with each other.

It turned out to be a really good time and we all decided that we are going to make it a tradition that the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend will be our annual holiday party.  Next year Jake and I will be hosting!!

Our gracious host and hostess! 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was pretty much filled with the three F's; Family, Food, and Football.  It was our first Thanksgiving with two kids, so of course Jake and I didn't see much of each other as he was taking care of Skylar and I was on Madden duty.  This was the first time most of my family had seen Madden in a couple months so it was nice for them to see him all grown up.  It was also a special day because most of us were meeting Miranda's little girl Jaylee.  She was a perfect baby just sleeping in everyone's arms.  I was bummed because I didn't get to hold her, but hopefully next time I will get my turn.  The dinner was really good, even though I had to eat it standing up while Madden slept in his carrier on me.  We have so much to be thankful for this year, and look forward to whats to come.     

Turkey Trot 2012

I just love our neighborhood, and here is another reason why.  Every year the same family hosts an annual Turkey Trot on the morning of Thanksgiving.  This was our first year attending and it was a ton of fun.  We walked up to the house that was hosting the event and they had everything set up.  A table with donuts for the kids, and champagne and bloody Marys for the adults (which of course, Jake and Mike couldn't say no to).  Music is playing and Brad the host, is on the mic warming up the crowd.   

Skylar was very excited to go!  We told her that her bestie CJ was going to be there and she has been all about running lately.  The night before she raced round the house probably 30 times warming up for the race.  

They had three different races on the schedule.  A 50 yard dash for the 1-5 year olds, a race for 5 and up and than the 5K for the adults.  Skylar was so excited to line up and start her 50 yard dash.  When the race started Skylar would start running about 5 feet and than would  stop running straight and go to the sidelines.  It was so funny to watch.  We kept shouting at her to go straight.   She had the biggest smile on her face during the run and I couldn't stop laughing.  At the end of the race, Skylar had a donut for all her hard work and a medal to show off her big win.


Next up was the 5K run/walk.  Sadly, it has been a long time since I have ran a 5K, so I was a bit nervous and had a right to be.  I ran the first lap pushing the kids in the stroller, while Jake ran with his bloody mary in hand.  After that I began to struggle and made Jake put his drink down and take over the stroller pushing.  We still finished at around 29 minutes and we got first place in our category as the first team to cross the finish line pushing a stroller.  We definitely will make it a tradition to participate in the Annual Bressi Ranch Turkey Trot and I promise to be in better shape for next years race.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bath Time

I think our life got just a little bit easier.  With Madden now sitting up on his own we have been giving the kids a bath together which saves us a good amount of time before bedtime.  Skylar refused to get in the bath with Madden when he had his bath seat in the tub, but once she saw him in the bath without it, she didn't hesitated about joining him.  They were having such a blast in the bath together.  Whenever Skylar would splash the water Madden would do the same.  I just love these two so much and seeing how much fun they have together really melts my heart.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Madden's 6 Month Stats

Last week Madden had this six month check up and it went great.  Doctor said he is in perfect health and to keep doing what we are doing.

Weight = 18.4 Pounds (75th percentile)
Height = 29 Inches (97th percentile)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun with Cousin Nico

Last time Jessee, Cara, and Nico came down to visit Skylar had fun with Nico, but this trip she really adored him.  Whatever he was doing, she wanted to join in.  She was always asking "Where's my cousin, where's my cousin?" whenever he was out of sight.  They just had a blast together! They played with all of Nico's monster trucks, put together puzzles, read books and watching cartoons every morning. We took the kids back to Legoland as Nico is the perfect age for it.  The plane ride was their favorite ride last visit and it didn't disappoint this trip.  The highlight for Nico had to of been Skylar's red mustang.  He was asking constantly to drive it.  Skylar never lets anyone else drive her car, but she loved having Nico drive her up and down the alley.  They kept telling us they were going to the movie store.    

We loved seeing how much fun Skylar had with Nico and it made me wish we lived closer so they could see each other more often, but it just makes the times they do see each other even more special!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

Now this wasn't our first Halloween in our community as we were renting a house last year and we knew how BIG Halloween gets, but this was our first Halloween living on Peppertree Way aka Pirates Way and I don't think we really knew how CRAZY it would get.  A few days before Halloween when Jake came home and said he spent over $100.00 dollars on candy I though he was crazy and we would be stuck with leftovers.....boy was I wrong.

Down for the holiday we had a house full with my parents, my grandma, Jake's parents, Jessee, Cara, and Nico.  I was a bit nervous having so many people down, but in the end I was extremely thankful because we needed all the help we could get.  My Mom was super sweet and prepared her traditional chili and cornbread for dinner.

We decided to join in on our street's theme and dress up as pirates.  Skylar loved her costume and would say "Urrrgghh, I'm a pirate" and Madden was the perfect accessory to our costumes as our trusty parrot.  And we must not forget our ninja turtle sidekick, Nico!

Just before sundown we started getting our first trick or treaters and they didn't stop coming until about 8:30 pm once Jake put up a rope to let everyone know we were finally out of candy.  Us pirates headed out to do some trick or treating with the kids while my parents and grandma were kind enough to stay home and pass out candy (which ended up being a huge job).  Skylar was a little intimidated by the whole trick or treating. There were so many people on our street that it was hard to go house to house and usually the  front doors were packed with kids which scared her.  She hit a couple houses on our street and than hung out in the stroller with Madden who was easy, and just loved watching all the massive crowds.   

After about an hour or so of roaming our street, running into friends, and getting our Halloween fill I decided to take the kids back home to where both our parents had been passing out candy for over an hour.  Kids were even coming up our front bank trying to trick or treat.  After about the first hour they stopped giving each kid two pieces and had switched to just one piece each because the crowds of kids weren't slowing down.  I gave the kids baths and let them watch the last few trick or treaters before it was bed time for them both.  Jake's parents were kind enough to hang out at our house once the kids were asleep and we headed up to Mike and Jen's house to continue partying.

Even though Skylar wasn't into the whole trick or treating she still seemed to enjoy everything else about the holiday.  I love how our neighborhood really makes Halloween such a huge event.  At the end of it, Jake estimated by how much candy he bought we had close to 400-500 trick or treaters.  Next year we decided to get $200.00 worth of candy!

Madden is 6 Months

Where did the past 6 months go? Madden is getting so big everyday and changing so much we can hardly believe it.  Here is just a little update on what he is like.  

I'm proud to say that he is finally sleeping through the night.  It took a few months longer than I was hoping, but he is now going from about 7:30 pm to 6:00 am.  His first tooth came in right on his 5 month birthday and we can see his second one about to pop.  Rolling over is his favorite thing to do. You lay him down for one second and he is right on this tummy, rolling to the other side of the family room.  Since my last update he hadn't started day care, but at 4 months he started going to day care with Skylar.  The first few weeks were a bit of an adjustment for him.  He wasn't sleeping well and all the noise and constant stimulation from the kids was a lot in the beginning but he is doing great now and really seems to be enjoying it there.  He has already learned to hold his own bottle which is so helpful and he is very close to crawling as he scoots all over the floor when he is down playing with his toys.  He still isn't sitting up on his own, so that is the next thing we are hoping to see him do.  

He is a food machine as he is taking down big bowls of oatmeal with bananas, peas, squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  He is growing out of his clothes so much faster than Skylar did, as 9 months is what fits him best now.

His has the best personality!  He is always showing you his big gummy smile.  He just loves for his voice to he heard as he will make really loud squealing noises and his laugh is to die for.  Skylar is still his favorite person, as whenever she talks to him or he hears her voice he gives her the biggest smile.  

We are looking forward to seeing what the next three months bring us with our Mad Man!!  

We had a little celebration for his 6 month birthday with the traditional cake and candle.  He was in a bad mood as he had a cold and didn't want to be sitting in his high chair for cake or pictures.

6 Months comparison Photo.  They really don't look much alike!