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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 2015

More adventures with Ian and Isabella. 

Thursday play group with her two main men, Daniel and Parker.

We started potty training Madden this month.  We are about 2 weeks in and he is doing great.

Skylar having her birthday dessert with her bestie.

Pre-Recital BBQ.

Memorial Day BBQ.  Yes we practical lived at the pool/BBQ area this month.

Legoland for Parker's 5th Birthday

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Let Me Entertain You"

YES!!!!  Dance Recital weekend finally arrived.  I'm pretty sure I was more excited for it than Skylar was.  She dances on a day that I work so I never get to see her practice or even see how much she enjoys it.  She tells us she likes it, but she rarely shows us any steps she learns, so anytime we are able to see her dance feels extra special.  

Maria was sweet enough to come over Saturday morning and do Skylar's hair and make-up.  She did a fabulous job and I know I would of been lost having to do it myself.  Lucky for us (or I should say Maria), Skylar loves make-up and getting pretty, so she was an angel sitting there for over an hour while Maria did her up.

Skylar with her dance girls.

Skylar and her friend Isabella.

Skylar and her good friend from school and dance Ellie.

Us mom's did our best to keep the girls entertained in the back while waiting for show time.

Right before taking the stage.


Skylar performed a tap routine to the song "Let Me Entertain You."  Her routine was the first one of the recital and kicked off the whole show. Watching her up there always brings tears to my eyes.  She danced her little heart out and told us she loved every second of it. 

After her performance the whole family showered her with flowers.

Skylar with Nana and Papa.

Skylar with Grandpa and Grandma.

Skylar with Unc, Auntie and Lennon.

Skylar with her biggest supporter cousin Lennon.

Madden was there, but like usually refused to take any photos with his sister or family.  He actually really loved the show and whenever a performance ended he would beg for another one.  He cheered on both Sissy and Sophie when they were both on stage dancing, by shouting their names.  It was really cute to see him so engaged in the show. 

Sophie and Skylar both stole the show, (but of course I'm bias) !!

I'm so grateful Skylar is so outgoing and shows no fear for being on stage.  She is so opposite of her mom and I'm so thankful for that.  Seeing her dance and what joy it brings her is extremely special and I'm so excited that she wants to continue with it.    

Skylar's 5th Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago I hosted a Princess' & Knights 5th Birthday Party for Skylar.  Last year we didn't do much on her birthday so I wanted to make this party something special for her.  We kept the party very small and invited just a handful of her friends from preschool and held it during the week.  I went with a simple gold, white and black color scheme.  I had tutu's and crowns for all the princess', knight armor for all the boys, and several goodies.

On a funny side note about Madden at the party.  Madden decided that Sissy's birthday party was going to be the day he didn't wear diapers anymore.  I didn't want to force him since it took weeks to convince him to even try a pull-up.  So we had 8, 5 year olds kids to entertain, 8 parents to socialize with, and had Madden's peeing all over the floor.  I was a bit stressed with it when it was all happening, but its pretty funny now that its all over with.

We set up a craft station in the garage.  The girls got wands to decorate and the boys had mini swords.  Jake also put together a castle out of several cardboard boxes we had been saving for weeks.  The kids painted, bedazzled, and played in the castle.  

I found a random face painter online and she turned out to be AMAZING.  The kids face paint turned out so cool and different.  When she went to leave the kids begged for more, so she added arm tats as well.

Skylar, Sophie, Ellie, Ellie, Daniel and Madeline.

Madeline, CJ, Ellie and Ellie.

We actually got the kids to settled down for a bit and eat some lunch.  The kids loved sipping apple juice out of their fancy glasses and straws.  

The birthday girl blowing out her candles.  She decided she didn't want cake or a cupcake, she wanted to eat her fondant crown.

We were able to wrap up the whole party before the rainstorm hit, but not before the birthday girl took her brother for a ride in the rain.