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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 2016

We celebrated our best girl's 6th Birthday.  

Skylar had a playdate with her preschool besties.

Skylar, Madeline, and Emma

We took the kids to Monster Jam!  Which was very cool to see live.

Breckenridge 2016

From wine country to the rocky mountains!!  Jake and I got to traveled to Breckenridge last weekend for a nice get away.  Back in the Fall when it was announced that Jake hit another sales goal and won the trip to Breck, it was right around the same time Tommy announced he was leaving Alaska to work the winter in Breckenridge.  It has been almost four years since we last saw him so Jake and I were pretty stoked how it all lined up.  We dropped the kids off at school and left them in the hands of my mom and dad for the long weekend.  The drive from Denver to Breckenridge was pretty awesome.  Mountains and snow for days.  We arrived and immediately met up with Tommy for dinner.  We caught up all evening and made plans to meet on the mountain early the next morning.  We spend the whole next two days following Tommy all over the mountain (which my body is still feeling).  For dinner we went into town at one of Tommy’s regular spots.  We would met up for happy hour with Jake’s co-workers and had one dinner with them, but were lucky enough to spend most of the trip with Tommy or on our own.   For anyone who likes to ski or snowboard you have to try and make it to Breckenridge once in your life time.  The ski resort is massive and has the most epic views everywhere you look.

Just check out that view in the background.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Napa 2016

A couple weekends back we took a quick weekend trip to Napa, all thanks to Jake for winning one of his companies sales contest.  The company was even nice enough to pay for the kids as well.  Knowing it had been some time since we had seen Paul and Suzie we invited them to join us.  We arrived on Friday afternoon to what was some awesome weather.  We walked the grounds of the resort and had lunch. 

Jake’s company purchased tickets to some fancy wine events that the resort was hosting.  The first night was a lovely 6 course wine pairing dinner inside their wine cave.  Seeing that I don’t drink, I had Jake take his Dad to the event.  Suzie and I took the kids out to a restaurant close to the resort.  It was a cute little place that looked similar to a barn.  The kids were pretty tired, so it was a quick dinner for us 4.

That morning we decided to continue soaking in the warm weather and took the shuttle into town to walk around and grab some lunch.  There were a ton of shops and restaurants all around.  We even found a little park area where the kids could run around.  Skylar really wanted to souvenir of some sort (more like a toy) but sadly we couldn’t find a toy shop anywhere.  A friend recommended an amazing sushi place so we ate lunch there.  It was probably some of the best sushi I have ever had and the view was very lovely.  

They had to have a picture with their favorite food.. mac and cheese.

Biggest chair we had ever seen.

Next up was the stemware class.  I felt like I needed to attend one of the events that Jake’s company had paid for so I went to it.  It was definitely boring for me but I got to meet some of Jake’s co-workers which was nice and the chocolate they had with the wine was pretty yummy!  

Lots of water in different wine glasses for me.

That evening Jake took this mom to an event that featured a bunch of the local wineries.  They walked around and sampled a ton of very expensive wines paired with different appetizers.  Paul and I hit up the resort restaurant and took the kids to the hot tub.

The next morning was the highlight of the trip for me.  There was a  huge Valentine’s Day Brunch.  We ate all morning and the kids took one more trip around the vineyard.   Napa was a fun place, don’t think it’s really my cup of tea, but it was fun having spending time with the family and having a nice getaway for the long holiday weekend.

Enjoying her chocolate donut.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Classroom Valentines 2016

This year both kids were really excited for their Valentine’s day parties at school.  This being Madden’s first one he was doubly excited.  I found really cute Valentines cards for the kids.  They helped me put them together and signed them.  I think Skylar signed about half of Madden’s as well.  Madden was stoked that he got to have some of the leftover matchbox cars.  This was Skylar’s first year where she got to decorate a shoe box for all her Valentines.  Lucky for her I had just bought a new pair of shoes so we had an extra box laying around.  

Bear is the lovie of the week so they requested a photo with him.

Both kids got spoiled by all their classmates and came home with a ton of stuff. 

Lucy, Skylar and Liam

My sweet Valentine.