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Monday, February 15, 2016

Classroom Valentines 2016

This year both kids were really excited for their Valentine’s day parties at school.  This being Madden’s first one he was doubly excited.  I found really cute Valentines cards for the kids.  They helped me put them together and signed them.  I think Skylar signed about half of Madden’s as well.  Madden was stoked that he got to have some of the leftover matchbox cars.  This was Skylar’s first year where she got to decorate a shoe box for all her Valentines.  Lucky for her I had just bought a new pair of shoes so we had an extra box laying around.  

Bear is the lovie of the week so they requested a photo with him.

Both kids got spoiled by all their classmates and came home with a ton of stuff. 

Lucy, Skylar and Liam

My sweet Valentine.

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