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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the only person who knows the real me...and married me anyways.  Love brought us together as husband and wife, and gave us each a best friend for life.  Happy 3 year Anniversay B!!  Love you with all my heart.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sea World

Last week was a ton of fun when we met up with Rocio and Naanelii for the girls first trip to Sea World.  Having not been to Sea World in years I wasn't sure what to expect but it turned out to be the perfect place for the girls.  Of course we had to make our first stop in the park to the huge Sesame Street Bay of Play attraction.  The girls were so excited when we let them out of their strollers and they started to roam around. 

We took the girls on an Elmo flying ride and an Abby tea cup type of ride which I was surprised Skylar seemed to enjoy.  Naanelli would beg to go on the ride, but when it would start she didn't seem to enjoy it, but when we would get off she would want back on.

When the girls spotted Elmo, it was all over, so we had to get in line to take a picture with him and Grover right away.  The girls were so cute in the line, they both keep shouting "Elmo...Elmo...Elmo" but of course when it was their turn to take a photo with Elmo both the girls froze up and refused to met Elmo and the photo ended up turning out really bad.

Next we found a huge play pin type thing where the girls were able to run around and play in. 

After all the excitement from the Sesame Street characters it was time for lunch and to explore the rest of the park, which Skylar was not happy about.

We found the dolphin exhibit where we were able to get up close to the dolphins and even touch them.  When Skylar had the chance to pet one she started to cry and refused to touch it.

They had a Sesame Street 4-D interaction movie which we thought the girls would love, but both refused to wear the 4-D glasses and had to watch the whole movie blurry.  During the show Elmo would squirt you with water which Naanelii didn't like and kept saying "Elmo got me wet".  Surprisingly Skylar watched the entire movie and seemed to enjoy it, even with it being out of focus for her.  

After about 4 hours of going strong Naanelli past out and we stopped to show Skylar the pengiuns and then just cruised around the rest of the park.  We ended right where we started, back at the Bay of Play part of the park and let Skylar run around a bit more.  She finally started to wear down so we decided to call it a day. 

We had a ton of fun with our great friends Rocio and Naanelii and can't wait for our next trip back to Sea World together. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Football is BACK!!

The only positive thing about summer ending is that the NFL is back.  For those who don't know I'm a huge football fan and have watched the sport since I was in elementary school.  My parents had season tickets to the Raiders when they were still in Los Angeles and when we were kids my brother and I would go to every game with them.  Having grown up as a Raider fan, I won't lie, the Raiders will always hold a special place in my heart and I always like to see them win, unless it's against the Chargers since I now consider the Chargers my team. 

The other night Matthew who is still a big Raiders fan left this T-Shirt at our house.  I wanted to send him a picture of Skylar in his shirt so I put it on her and she was too cute.  She just loved walking around wearing her Raiders shirt that when I had to take it off her for her bath she cried.  Even though it was a Raiders T-Shirt I'm taking it as a sign that she is going to be a big football lover like her Mom.

This Sunday was the first regular season game of the season and with Jake on a flight back from St. Louis it was just Skylar and I at home to root on our team.  We both had on our Chargers gear to pump us up for the game. 

Skylar definitely had her game face on and was ready to see the Chargers finally start the season off on a fast start. 

Skylar and I were all smiles after the Chargers pulled off a W and hope that this can be the season where we finally make it to the Super Bowl. 

Labor Day 2011

With Labor Day being the official end to summer, I can't believe how quickly it all went.  It was such a great summer!  We made many memories by taking several trips to the beach, pool and Skylar's favorite, the Sparyground. 

The Finkel's were coming into town for a wedding during Labor Day weekend which worked out perfectly to have them stay with us and gave Jake and I a reason to throw a little Labor Day BBQ.  

Skylar and Mackenzie were so cute just soaking in the last few days of summer together.

I can't believe how big Mackenzie is. She is growing up so fast.  She was the cutest thing just sitting in Skylar's inflatable pool.  I swear she sat there for 30 minutes just having the best time. 

I have to throw in a picture of my beautiful dessert.  I think it was my best looking fruit pizza to date. 

Once Skylar was in bed it was nice being able to just sit around with everyone and relax.   It was the perfect way to end summer with good food and great friends.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remembering Great Grandpa

Last week we traveled up north for Great Grandpa Fred's funeral and reception.  Jake and I were so glad that we made the trip up to visit with him in June and have Skylar meet him for the first time when we did.  We arrived just in time for dinner with the whole family.  As you can tell, it wasn't easy getting everyone to pay attention to the camera with such a big group.

Skylar and her cousin's enjoying cartoons in the hotel before the service.  I think Skylar is finally at the age where the boys find her interesting.  Last time they saw her she was only 6 months and wasn't  much fun, so it was cute to see them playing together this time around.

The service was very lovely and a nice tribute to Fred.  Mary, Suzie and Sherry did a wonderful job putting it all together and I think Fred would of been proud.  Skylar made it through the whole service until the very end when she needed a nap.

After the service we headed to the reception where everyone dined on delicious food and shared their memories of Fred.  Skylar was in heaven because she was able to run around the whole restaurant and play with her cousins.

Even though the trip was extremely quick for us, we were so glad we were able to be there with the whole family and celebrate the life of such a wonderful Husband, Father, Grandpa, and Great-Grandpa!