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Monday, November 23, 2015

Skylar's Jog-a-Thon 2015

Last week Skylar's school put on their annual Jog-a-Thon where the kids run as many laps as they can, all while raising money for the school.  Skylar ran with all the kindergartens, 1st and 2nd graders.  We had been having the perfect fall weather, but of course, the day of the Jog-a-thon a heatwave started.  Heat or not the kids still rocked it!   

Skylar and her classmates doing their pre-run stretches.

Skylar seemed a bit nervous, but once the horn blew she was off and we didn't see any nerves from her.  She was running those laps like it was no ones business.

Dad was timing her lap pace.

Giving Mom the thumbs up!  

Jake and I were so proud of Skylar.  She only stopped a couple times for a quick water break and would be back at it.  I kept telling Jake to tell her to rest for a bit, but by the time I would tell Jake she was already out for another lap.  She totally surpass our expectations and did 19 laps in the 30 minutes time.  In the end she raised close to $700.00 and definitely earned her medal and popsicle.

Ms. Brisebois and her little runners.

Pajama Day

It's always one of the best days of the year at Preschool.

Madden's 3 Year Old Preschool Pictures

Monday, November 16, 2015

Skylar's Soccer Season 2015

Last weekend Skylar finished up her second season of soccer.  This year was a pretty special one because she had so many friends on the team.  Half the team had preschool friends and another half were new friend from kindergarten.  Skylar's was on the Rainbow Donuts, the best team name of the whole league for sure.  

So special to be on the same team with Sophie.

Skylar started the season off being a bit more aggressive then last year and we could totally see some improvement in her game.  She really played her heart out this season.  Every game hoping she would get a goal.  She scored one goal the whole season.  She was such a great team player.  Never once complaining about having to go into the game or go out.  One game she had a sore ankle and was limping the whole game and never once whined.  There was always a smile on her face and you could tell how much she loved being out their with her friends. 

Our coach had to miss several games and Jake got to step in and coach the team.  The girls loved playing for him.

Mom was her biggest cheerleader!

These three picture pretty much summed up soccer for Madden this season.  He was either totally disengaged from the game, enjoying himself and cheering the team on, or hating it.

It definitely wasn't an easy season for the Rainbow Donuts.  The girls played in what was a record breaking heat wave for September/October. The average game time temperature was at least 85+ degrees.  We had a handful of practices cancelled for whatever reason.  So unfortunately they ended their season without a single team win.  Which was never an issue for our girls who had a blast win or lose.

"Rainbow Donuts"

Couldn't be more proud of our soccer all star.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Persistent Panther Award

Last week Skylar was awarded the Persistent Panther Award for the month of October.  Her teacher emailed us earlier in the week to let us know she was going to be receiving the award.  We kept her in the dark all week about it.  When they announced her name she didn't realize we were there, but once she saw her Dad she just lit up.  We couldn't of been more proud of our girl! She is rocking Kindergarten!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October 2015

Skylar loves meeting up with her classmates Liam and Lucy to walk to school in the mornings.

Skylar and Sophie had a fun trip to the pumpkin patch one afternoon.

Skylar's really good friend Ellie had her 5th Birthday Party with real My Little Ponies.  The girls got to ride the ponies up and down the sidewalk of our neighborhood for almost and hour. They were all in heaven.

Jess hosted her annual pre halloween get together for the kids.  The kids made mummy hotdogs!

Lauren took the kids for a fun afternoon at the local Pumpkin Patch.

Halloween 2015

The kids new happy place is watching cartoons on Netflix's.  While in their happy place they became hooked on Justice League, a cartoon about superheros.  So a couple months ago when I asked them what they wanted to dress up as for Halloween they both gave the same answer, "Super Heros!"  Madden knew right away he wanted to be Batman so I went with Robin.  Then I found Skylar the cute Wonder Women costume and Jake had no choice but to be Superman.


Batman refused to take part in the superhero family photo. He told us he would only take the picture if Mama or Dada took it.  He doesn't quite understand that that defeats the purpose of a family photo...haha!

Wonder Women and Pocahontas!

Robin, Pocahontas, and Queen Elsa.
Sam was the highlight for several little girls, she was practically a celebrity that night.

 The kids did a good 45 minutes of trick or treating. I stayed with them for about 15 minutes and then headed back home to pass out candy while Jake continued on with the kids.

Once the kids got back they helped me pass out candy.  They were such good helpers.  It was a long 2 1/2 hours of passing out candy.  The kids stuck to my strict rules of one piece of candy per kid and only two pieces for any Batmans or Robins.  

Skylar had a mini preschool reunion at one point during the night when Emma and Daniel showed up at the same time to trick or treat at our place.  

Skylar even run into her classroom bestie Lucy.

After all their friends showed up Skylar and Sophie were off playing with them and it was just Batman and I.  Madden was such a trooper.  He stood out there for a long time with me passing out candy to all the kids.  We got a lot of "WoW...it's Batman and Robin," and Madden just loved that. 

By 8:30 the night was dying down and we were able to just hang with everyone.  

John Smith and Pocahontas getting their grind on and Robin in stealth mode.  Not too sure what Superman was doing at that point.


 By the end of the night we figured we passed out about 1000 pieces of candy to probably around 800 kids.  Our street is the place to be for Halloween.  It sees the most activity all night and the non stop amount of trick or treaters is something unreal.  Nothing is better than Halloween on Peppertree Way!