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Monday, June 24, 2013


We live very close to the Carlsbad airport so we definitely get our fair share of airplanes and helicopters above our house and for months now Madden has became completely intrigued by them.  At the first sound of a plane or helicopter going over head Madden immediately starts staring into the sky and pointing his fingers it search for it.  Once he gets that glimpse of the plane the biggest smile comes across his face with such joy.  It doesn't matter where we are, the front yard, playing in the alley, at the pool, or even sometimes in the house sitting in his highchair eating, whenever he hears that sound he gets so giddy.

Since I have noticed how much he has started to love airplanes I had been thinking about taking him to the Carlsbad airport.  They have a restaurant called The Landings that I know several moms have taken their little boys too.  So finally this weekend my parents and I decided to head over there for breakfast with the kids.  From the moment we got there, Madden was in heaven.  A small airplane had just finishing loading up passengers and Madden got to see it taxi out and take off.

When we sat at our table for breakfast, Madden refused to sit and just wanted to stare out the ceiling to floor windows looking out onto the runway.  He would look at the window and than come back to the table and point and make his little sounds as if he was asking us "Where are the planes? Where are the planes?"  Lucky for him he got to see several small aircraft's take off and land.  He even got to see another aircraft come into the gates which was definitely his highlight of the morning.

When his breakfast finally came we were able to get him to sit and eat, but he was constantly standing up in his highchair, pointing out the window when we would tell him "Plane Madden, Plane."  He loved it and I wish I would of done better and got an actual picture to show you the expression on his face.

I just love that my little Bubs is such a boy and loving everything boy at the moment!!

Fairy Day Festival

I'm so thankful for the Rossitto Family for telling us about Fairy Day and letting us tag along with them.  I, like normal, had no idea that it even existed and it is such a cute event for little girls.  I was so glad Skylar got to experience it. and even better, she was able to experience it with her best friend Sophie.  We planned to head over together around 9:30, but Skylar was so excited to show Sophie her fairy dress that she was knocking at her door by 9:00.  These two fairies were so cute together, it was priceless!!

When we arrived we could see tons of fairies piling out of their cars.  The grounds had set up after set up of different arts and craft projects to do.  The girls were so happy to be there, that our first stop was getting our fairy accessories.  The girls each got fairy wands to complete their outfits.  The Dads purchased the tickets and the arts and crafts projects began.  We started off making pictures with fairy stamps.

Painting and Bejeweling Mirrors

Painting pretty roses


Madden and sweet little B watching the girls painting.

After getting some projects under their belts, the girls wanted to walk around and meet some of the fairy princesses.  We found our first fairy princess and the girls waited patiently in line to meet her.  She even gave them special fairy dust to throw in the air and make a wish.    

The fairy princess told them around the corner was the fairy queen and the girls raced over to meet her.  The queen asked them cute questions and complimented them on their fairy dresses, they were all smiles while meeting her.

Throwing their fairy dust in the air and making a wish. 

Lucky for the girls we found their good friends Ryan and Molly.  The girls ran through the festival together on cloud nine.  They made floral bracelets and we finally got them to sit down when we found the Italian ice stand.

The festival was starting to get pretty crowded, the heat was on, and Madden was starting to go downhill really fast since he missed his morning nap.  The girls wanted to paint treasure boxes, but sadly the line was too long and the Rossitto's had a flight to catch, so we decided to call it a day.  The botanical gardens did a great job putting it all together and Jess said that it was even better than last years.  Our two little fairy princesses had a blast together which made Fairy Day a huge success! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Carlsbad Flower Fields

This post is a really late one.  For some reason I totally forgot to upload the pictures from our trip to the flower fields until this past weekend.

We live so close to the flower fields that every time I drive past them when they are in bloom and tell myself  "Tomorrow I'm going to take the kids!" And of course, tomorrow comes and I don't make it there.  After months of telling myself that and not making, I was determined to go.  It was Skylar's official birthday and I thought it would be a fun place to take her to celebrate. I'm glad we went when we did because it was the last weekend they were opened and a good amount of the flowers were on their last leg.  The flower display of the American flag had definitely lost its luster and most of is red, white, and blue was no longer.

We walked around and look at all the flowers and birds in their cages.  Last year I remember Skylar was really scared and refused to ride the tractor, but this year she was all about it.  It was so nice that we arrived right when it opened because no one was there and we walked right onto the tractor wagon ride.  Madden loved riding it and of course wanted to stand up the whole time.

I attempt to get some cute pictures of the kids in the flowers with my shaking camera skills.  Madden was more interested in just ripping all the pedals off the already limp flowers and could care less about taking a picture for Mom.  Skylar on the other hand was a little bit more cooperative and let Mom snap a few shots of her.


After torturing the kids with enough pictures we went over to the playground where they couldn't of been happier.  Like I said, no one was around so the kids had the playground all to themselves. My two munchkins loved running around and playing in all the miniature houses.

Even if it was the end of the flower season, I'm glad that we made our annual trip.  The kids had a great time and that is all that I wanted.  Next year I will definitely make more effort to go earlier so we can get the full effect of all the beautiful surroundings the Flower Fields have to offer.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend 2013

We had a great time this weekend celebrating the most amazing Dad.  I'm sure I don't thank Jake enough for all he does for the kids and I.  I truly feel like the luckiest wife and mom in the world to be able to share my life with him and our kids.

We thank you for being everything that you are and we love you with all our hearts!

Ok, now on to our eventful weekend!!  For close to a year now all of us Bressi Ranch residents have been patiently waiting for Pizza Port to open, and lucky for all of us it opened Father's Day week.  We went up with our awesome neighbors the Rossitto family, which put Skylar and Sophie on cloud nine.  These two great dads carried both girls on their shoulders the whole way there.  

From the second we got there the girls were out of control (in a good way).  The place was just packed and the girls were running around everywhere.  They were obsessed with all the arcade games.  Half the time they would think they were playing the game when they weren't.  The dads finally got them some tokens which allowed them to play the games and get candy out of the machines, which wasn't the best idea.  At one point the girls let out the loudest screams while playing a game that the whole restaurant stopped.  Jess and I were dying!  We finally got them to eat some pizza, but it didn't last long as they wanted to keep running a muck.  Madden on the other hand ate two pieces of pizza himself before he discovered the arcade games.  

The girls continued to entertain people who were coming and going, by singing and dancing outside.  It was so cute and we all had a great time.  None of us parents got to sit down, but the Dads were having a great time eating pizza and drinking beer, which is all that mattered.  That night we let the girls take baths together and play way past their bedtimes.  We all feel so lucky to have such a great place for pizza and beers so close to our home.  It's definitely going to be a regular place for us.  The Dads had such a good time, they even went back the next night.

Father's Day morning Jake went out surfing early while the kids and I stayed home and got his gifts ready.  Skylar was very excited to give Dada his new coffee mug with a picture of her and Madden on it.  We asked Jake what he wanted to do and he said beach day with the family, so after Madden's morning nap, we packed up and headed out.  It was such a gorgeous day, the beach was really the place to be.  This even happened to be Madden's first time at the beach.  He was definitely taking it all in and was very curious.   


For weeks now Jake has been wanting to fly a kite with Skylar.  We tried a couple weeks ago and it was a huge bust, but the weather at the beach was perfect kite flying weather.  Skylar help Dad get it launched and the kids loved watching it fly.

Skylar was having a blast from the moment we got there.  Which was pretty funny because when Dad told her he wanted to go to the beach for Dada's Day, she told us she didn't want to go.  Of course, once we got there, she had a change of heart.  She and Jake were jumping the wave the whole time.  She was loving being in the water with Dad.     

While Madden tested out the water, he much rather of been up with mom eating snacks and playing in the sand.  He loved watching the pelicans fly over head (which Grandma you should be very excited about).  

After a couple of hours and nap time nearing it was time to pack up the kids and head home.  We couldn't of asked for a better way to spend Father's Day and end our weekend celebrating the #1 Dad around.    

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mud Run 2013

Race season continues and us Moms continue to participate in as many races we can fit in into our busy family lives.  This past weekend was the famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run.  I was very excited for this race as I had done a mud run pre kids and loved it.  Some of the girls were on their third mud run and the rest of us were pretty much first timers when it came to Camp Pendleton's race.

We were broken into teams of two.  I liked to call the "A" Team the gals who were veterans to the race and planned on coming in first, while us the "B" team just wanted to finish.  Meeting up way earlier than we needed too we had lots of time to kill before the race began.  We took several pictures, read magazines and made lots of bathroom trips while we waited for race time.

Race time had finally arrived and we were off.  The "A" team was off with a vengeance.  They really wanted to win because the last few years they had placed in the top 4, but never won and were determined to place 1st this year.  The rest of us broke off in twos and ran at our own speed.  I was pretty surprised on how hilly the course was, but I was also a bit disappointed that there wasn't as much mud and water as I was expecting.  Don't get me wrong, we had a good amount of mud obstacles I was just surprised there wasn't as many as I was expecting.  

The race was a ton of fun and we couldn't of ask for better weather for running.  I had a blast running side by side with Sophia.  By the end the "A" took first place for the women team category and place 3rd overall for all registered teams.  My friends are amazing runners and they totally kicked butt, I couldn't of been happier that they finally won.  They beat several men teams as well.  Sophia and I did well finishing about 5 minutes behind them at around 1:08.  

I'm definitely planning on making the Mud Run a yearly race.  It was an awesome time and I think I'm going to make Jake do it next year because I know he would get a kick out of it too. 

Now after having some fun we are on to our next half marathon....AFC in August!  Love my running gals!!