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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Legoland 1 Mile Run

Marathon season in San Diego has started up again.  Skylar and I kicked it off by participating in Leogland's 1 Mile Run.  

We hung out with Zachary and Cami before race time.  It was a pretty chilly morning so we had the kids bundled up.

Walking up to the starting line.

Skylar did great and ran as much as she could this year.  I think she was a little tired and didn't eat enough for breakfast so she wanted to walk some of it, but she still did an amazing job and I couldn't of been prouder of her.

My future 1/2 marathon runner! 

After the race I took her to our local donut shop for her post race celebration meal!  

Next year will be super exciting because we decided its time for Madden and Dad to join us.