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GRANDPARENTS Fill the World with LOVE

Monday, February 27, 2017

February 2017

We started the month off with a great visit from Grandma and Grandpa.  We went golfing, did crafts, baking, and all got to watch the Super Bowl together.

Someone lost a couple teeth this month as well.

Celebrating Owen's birthday at Pump it Up.

A fun night out with Stella and Izzie.

 Couldn't of been more excited to spend the day with Lincoln, Henry and Weston.  We did the Batman lego  movie together.

Skylar had her first field trip to Legoland.  

Key West 2017

Talk about perfect timing for a little getaway.  After all the rain we have had this winter I can't tell you how nice it was to head down to Key West for a long weekend of sun and fun.  Jake once again hit his sales goals so his company sent us and a dozen other couples down to Key West.  I won't lie, it wasn't easy for me to leave the kids, especially being that far away, but once I got there and felt the warm sun I couldn't of been happier.  We took a red eye flight out and arrived to Key West first thing Thursday morning.  We met up with Jake's West Coast co-worker and ended up at a restaurant where Happy Hour starts at 7:00 AM.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel that was right along the harbor and walking distance to the main drag of Key West.  

Jake's company paid for us all do go out on a boat for a couple hours.  

They had jet skiing, parasailing, water trampoline, and waterslide.  

I warned Jake that I wasn't the biggest fan of jet skiing, actually not a fan of it at all, but he insisted that I ride with him.  I'm pretty sure after the first 10 minutes he regretted me joining in.

To allow Jake to enjoy himself a bit I hopped off his jet ski and hung with the tour guide.

We ended up flipping off the jet ski twice (which of course Jake blamed on me) and our whole tour kind of turned into a mess.  One of the jet ski's died, another couple ended up flipping off and tipping they jet ski over completely which was 3 minutes away from being on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and would of costed the company a pretty penny.  I'm sure the tour guide was happy to move on with the next group.

I decided to stay on the barge while Jake went parasailing.  He loved it.  Kind of wish I would of done it after seeing the video.

Jake and his co-workers on the banana boat.

The banana boat was a blast.  I could of done that all day, but I'm pretty sure Jake's co-worker saw my butt as it was up my swim suit pretty much the whole ride.

It really as a nice getaway for the both of us.  Jake has been traveling so much lately for work that it was nice getting a little one on one time together.  I didn't get many pictures but a couple more highlights of the trip where: 
1) Key Lime, Key Lime, Key Lime everything.  I had Key Lime french toast, Frozen Key Lime pie dip in chocolate, and of course your traditional key lime pie. 
2) The KW shrimp at each meal was amazing. 
3) #hotcaleb who was the jet ski tour guide we became the topic of a lot of funny discussions between the group.
4) The delicious french fries at the hotel.  I had to have them every day we were there.
5) The roosters running wild everywhere.
6) Poor Jenny having to listen to Jake and I argue on the jet ski ride.  She was such a trooper.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day 2017

💓  Don't think I could ask for better Valentines than these two 💓

Madden choose to give Pokemon cards to his classmates.

Skylar passed out PUNCH Balloons.

Madden really wanted to take a picture with his Valentine....Rexie!  

Before heading off to school the kids enjoyed some red mini pancakes.