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Monday, November 18, 2013

T-Ball All Star

When Jess came up with the idea for signing the girls up for t-ball I couldn't pass on the opportunity.  We have be trying to put the girls in an activity together for a while now and Skylar would do any sport as long as Sophie is there with her.  Its also great to see Skylar participating in something more team like.  Jake took Skylar out to get a glove and tee right after we signed her up a month ago so she would be ready.  The girls had their first practice on Sunday and it couldn't of gone better.  Just being together gets them excited and on top of that, they both really enjoyed everything t-ball had to offer.  

We pretty much figured they would be the only girls in the camp...which, to my surprise, there was one other girl.

Little Rookie's T-Ball is all about teaching the fundamentals of baseball.  Each kid got to take turns hitting, throwing, catching, and running the bases.

She's got a good arm.

Even Madden had a ton of fun.

Grounding the ball.

By far her favorite part..running the bases.  She had the biggest smile on her face the entire time she ran around the bases.  She kept asking me during the day, why she has to touch each base.

The whole program was a blast and super cute. The coaches were so attentive and patient with the kids.  It's going to be a ton of fun watching our little slugger!

Princess Movie Night

A few months ago Kiry, an old friends from back home made me an offer I just couldn't refused.  She told me she works for a company who puts on movies for parties/events and offered to put a movie night on for Skylar.  How fun...right!!  I got back to her pretty quickly with a date and Princess Movie Night was on the calendar.  I asked Skylar which movie she wanted to show all her friends and she said Tangled.  I made Cake Pops, borrowed a popcorn machine and of course had wine and appetizers for the parents.  

It honestly couldn't of been a better night for it, as it was like a warm summer night. I figured that the girls would really sit an watch the whole movie, but I was wrong.  They were up dancing, running around, eating, laughing, screaming, just having a blast together.

Madden sat less than the girls did and just loved being front and center.   I think he was on a massive sugar high from the cake pops and red vines.

 Jake helped out a ton by making sure all the appetizers were baked to perfection and that all the Mom's had full glasses of wine.  

Skylar was begging to have another movie night the next day because of all the fun she had.  It was such a sweet gesture from Kiry to put the night on and she even offered to come and do it again anytime, which I may have to take her up on. 

Pajama Day

I think the only thing better than wearing your pajamas all day, is getting to wear your pajamas all day at school.  Last week Skylar got to participate in pajama day at her preschool.  All the teachers and staff were dressed in their pajamas and Skylar said that had waffles and hot coco during snack time.  I hope she doesn't think this is normal and wants to start fighting me on wearing her pajamas everyday to school.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bressi Ranch Fall Hoe Down

Nothing says Fall like a good ole fashion Hoe Down, with all the fixings...BBQ food, Country Music, Pig Racing and Cow Milking! That is what we all got to enjoy at our communities Fall Event.  

Of course, the ultimate Host and Hostess, Eric and Jess put on the perfect pre-party for all of us. There were Fall games for the kids, art projects, tons of appetizers, beer, and the signature Hoe Down drink...Electric Blue Lemonade (with a hint of Vodka) for us parents.  

Skylar was missing Sophie as they hadn't seen in each in a couple days, so to say the least she was THRILLED to be with her and the rest of the gang. 

Our attempt at a group picture of the kids and T.J.  

The kids were getting antsy so we rallied the whole group together and headed to the Hoe Down.  If you can't tell the kids were leading the pack.

Pure joy on everyone's faces as we arrived.

The whole clubhouse was decked out with haystacks, food, drinks, games, and face painting for the kids.  The second they ran in the kids hit the dance floor to get their do-si-do on.  

After breaking in the dance floor it was game time.  These games they had at the event were awesome and a step up from the previous events.  Piggy Racers was a huge hit with the kids.  Madden was his sister's secret weapon to winning, as he would just stand on the side and push his sisters piggy to the finish line, not letting the pig move on its on.

Next on the agenda was the Hula Hoop contest.  Sadly, neither Sophie nor Skylar took home a prize in the contest, but they definitely put on their best effort.  With all that practice by the end of the night Skylar's hula skills vastly improved.  Madden even tried, but he was better at just swinging his hoop and almost hitting the other kids with it.  The DJ also put on a hula contest for the parents, to which I was eliminated immediately. 

Cowgirl Mama's!

Face painting time!  Skylar asked for a rainbow.  I hated having to wash it off only an hour later, but it looked cute on her while it lasted.

The cow milking races was something that really intrigued Madden.  He was over there for what felt like an hour milking the cow.  

The night, of course when by so fast since everyone was having such a great time.  Skylar wanted to end the night doing more hula hooping.  When I told you she got better by the end of the night, I wasn't lying, pictures prove it.

Hula hooping and throwing up the "peace" sign!

Even Madden got a little better.

The Hoe Down was a great way to welcome in Fall and the upcoming holidays.  

The Next Michael Phelps in the making?!?!

Last week Madden got a special treat (as did Mom who didn't have to get into the water), when Dad was able to make it to his swim class and participate with him.  If you can't tell by the huge smile on his face,  Madden loves swim class and I think he loves it even more when Dad is in the water with him.

Doing the "Humpy Dumpy" song.  Madden never waits for the parents to finish singing the song, he always jumps in mid song.

His most impressive back float by far.  Think he was showing off for his Dad.

Having a blast in the pool with Dad.  Mom sticks more to the lesson plan than Dad does.

Train game. The dive didn't phase him one bit.

One happy little fish!