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Monday, March 27, 2017

March 2017

We had an awesome night out at Gina's surprise party.

Kids got to spend sometime with Brooke and Rochelle which is always a dream for them.

Leprechaun trap building.

Playdate for Madden and his best buddies, Enzo and Carter.

Date night for  these two BFFs; Skylar and Lucy went to dinner and to watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie.

Another fun night out celebrating Nicole Halon's birthday at her gorgeous home.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mammoth 2017

With the winter we have been having our annual mammoth trip couldn't of come any sooner.  The kids had been counting down the weeks/days until we left.  We got extremely lucky with weather, they were hit with a storm a couple days before we arrived and by the time we got there it was nothing by warm temps and clear skies.  I must mention how proud of the kids I was when it came to the drive up.  Not a single complaint or a mention of "are we there yet?"  I just think they were so excited to get to the snow they didn't care how long it took.

Jake took them up to the mountain when we arrived so they could check out the snow.

The next morning we were up bright and early and ready to hit the slopes.  After three years of going to Mammoth we finally got Madden on skis and into school.  He had a little moment about not wanting to wear his helmet but he go over it fairly quickly and walked right into ski school without any issues.  This was HUGE for him, if you remember last year we only got to the rental station before he demanded to leave the mountain.  

Madden rocked it!!! He told us all that he really liked skiing and his instructor gave him a glowing report by saying Madden had the best attitude of any kid he had seen in a really long time.  Sadly we couldn't convince Madden to ski more with us, but hey, we don't want to push him.

Now this little snow bunny had a break through year!  When we asked Skylar what she wanted to do; come on the mountain with us or an instructor, and she said us and we never imagined she would of been doing what she ended up doing.  To refresh everyones mind, last year when Skylar went on the bunny slope with Mom and Dad it turned into a HUGE disaster and about 90 minutes of tears before we made it down.  This year she had a new attitude and that was....no fear!!  From the moment she went down her first slope it all clicked and we couldn't keep her off the mountain.

Smiles the entire time on the slopes. 

Poor Dad who only wanted to ski so he could ski with Skylar only made it on two runs with her before he had a hard crash and pulled his calf muscle (poor guy is getting old).  He spent the rest of the trip limping around.

We couldn't of asked for better first day of skiing with Skylar.  

What do you get after having an awesome morning of skiing....massive chocolate donuts.  They both earned them.

After Skylar called in quits for the day, Jake, Jeremy and I were able to hit up the slopes for the rest of the afternoon.

By day two Lennon had arrived and the kids were thrilled.  Madden preferred to spent the day playing with Lennon, rather than skiing so they had a blast in the snow together.  

Skylar on the other hand was all about hitting the slopes, which we were all about. Day two was even more impressive than day one for her.  This time she was all about the park.  She had no fear, it was all about determination with every obstacle in the run.  She hit all the jumps, boxes, and even the half pipe.  She was so brave and had us in the park for the entire day.  Jake and I lost count but she must of went up the mountain at least 15-20 times that day.  

By the weekend we knew we didn't want to deal with the crowds on the mountain so we decided to take the kids to Woolly's Tube Park.  It was our first time and I couldn't believe we hadn't gone sooner.  The kids were the champs when it came to the tube race. 

They build a snowman and had a snowball fight with Dad.

That evening we went down to the Woolly Parade.  Its pretty cheesy, but of course the kids love it.  They get stickers, hot coco and to meet Woolly and all his friends.

Jake and I both said this was by far our best trip to date.  Getting both kids to ski was something I had been wanting for a couple years now and for it to finally happen really made the trip so special.  I can't wait to see what next year brings both of them.