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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Legoland 1 Mile Kids Run

Last weekend myself, Skylar and a bunch of my girlfriends and their kids participated in the Legoland 1 Mile Run. Running is something that I really enjoy doing and being able to do a race with Skylar was definitely something special for me.  She is such a activity little girl so I knew it was something she would love.

 Having to wake Skylar up early is never fun, but the race was at 8:00 am and we were all meeting at 7:15 am.  Lucky for me, she was really excited for the race and didn't mind the early wake up call.  Typical Skylar asked to run in her tutu, which was fine by me.  The both of us tippy toed out of the house before Dad and Madden were even awake.

 The 8:00 am start time was a little off as we were in the last group of kids to be called and after waiting about an hour the kids were getting antsy. Our age group finally got to line up the and kids were beyond excited.  Thinking that one mile is a pretty long distance for Skylar's little legs I was anticipating on just walking/jogging the race with her, but once they said "GO"...Skylar was OFF.  She and her little legs ran all through Legoland without stopping.  I kept asking her if she wanted to walk or if she wanted water, but she responded "Let's keep running!" She ran the whole mile without stopping and with the biggest smile on her face.  All the kids did so well and finished one after the other.    

(Skylar, Natalie, Sammy)

(Skylar, Natalie, Cammie, and Taylor)

It was really a fun morning with everyone and Skylar and I had a blast doing the race together.  I couldn't of been more proud of her and I definitely think we are going to make this race an annual run for us.  After the race I took her to the donut shop and she had a chocolate sprinkle donut has her post race meal.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Eve 2013

A month or so before New Years, Jake threw out the idea of doing a "Around the World" Party for New Years Eve.  We got a couple friends from the neighborhood to host a different country and walk from house to house.  Each home would have appetizers and drinks, and something fun for the kiddos.  To start the day we had three homes and three counties...Italy, Mexico, and Peru.  Sadly, Peru had to back out last minute because Jenn's husband and little boy were sick. 

The Rossitto's of course took on Italy and did a kick butt job.  Tons of amazing appetizers and fun drinks for all. 

Sam and Jess did glitter tattoos' for all the kids.

Siena and Madden were so sweet together.  I think Madden has his first crush.  

New Years Sass!  Love these two girls!

No clue why I'm holding Skylar's baby in this picture.

After Italy we headed over to Mexico (our place).  Jake put together everything as I had to work until 3:00.   He did fresh squeezed lemon/lime margaritas.  Shredded chicken tacos, stuffed jalapenos, and quesadilla for the kiddos and it all turned out amazing.    

Jake pick up a piñata for the kids which was a ton of fun.  

All that t-ball has finally paid off because Sophie put an end to the piñata and the kids swarmed all the goodies instantly.

It was after 8:30 PM that he kids were starting to lose it.  They had been going since 3:00 PM, eating mostly sugar and were starting to crash.  Skylar, Jake, and I made it up for the East Coast New Years Eve, while Madden was in bed.  We put Skylar down by 9:30 PM as she was exhausted.  I only lasted another hour or so, while Jake made it to 12:06 PM he said.  The "Around the World" party was a ton of fun, and I think its only going to get better as the kids get older and are able to stay up later. 

So I have two New Years Resolutions:
1) Floss my teeth more often. 
2) Make sure I get more family pictures.  I feel like I never get enough pictures of the four of us together and I want to make sure I change that in 2014.