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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 2017

Pool time at Nana and Papa's

Madden did a week of Lego camp with his best friends, Carter and Zachary.

Skylar had her first cavity filled.  

Fun times at the new spot Park 101.

Skylar and Sophie had their annual summer slumber party.

The kids did another week of tennis camp.

Madden new passion has been boogie boarding this summer.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tap Camp

Hooray for HOLLYWOOD!!  That was the theme of the tap camp at Skylar's dance studio she did this summer.  Back in February when summer camp sign ups begins I asked Skylar if she wanted to go back to Beach Kids Camp, which was a flat out "NO!"  Which was very surprising since she absolutely loved it last summer.  After recital she was super pumped up on dance so I asked her if she wanted to try Tap Camp and she was all in.  

She went for a week for the morning.  They received homework where they had to research a movie which featured tapping and give a report to the class on their movie.  They did arts and crafts and learn a full performance.

Skylar's movie was The Little Colonel with Shirley Temple.

Giving her report to the class.

On the last day of camp the parents were treated to a special performance.

Here is a link to a video that Skylar's tap teachers put together.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Madden Looses his First Tooth

Can this kid please stop growing up!!!  First he finishes preschool and now he is already lost his first tooth.  His tooth had been loose for a couple months now, and I would tell him wiggling it with his tongue and eating his bagel was going to help it come out sooner.  Then out of nowhere this week it was hanging on by a thread.  We were in the car waiting for Skylar to finish up dance when he gave the tooth a couple 360s and it was out! He was so proud and couldn't wait to tell Skylar!  When we got home Skylar gave him one of her tooth fairy boxes and he immediately put his tooth under his pillow. 

Next morning he was $10.00 richer!  

4th of July....Vegas Style!

This year for the 4th of July I wanted to do something different.  Don't get me wrong, I love our neighborhood parade and firework, but I was ready to take a year off.  Vegas had been on my mind for a while as I thought it would be a cool experience for the kids.  It took some convincing but Jake finally caved in.  We booked the Manadaly Bay because we knew the kids would LOVE the wave pool.  We left early on July 3rd and arrived by 10 AM.  We got into our room and went straight to the pool.  #parentfail occurred right when we got to the pool and read the huge sign telling us you must be 48" to enter the wave pool.  We tried to make the best of it, but Madden was being weird and only wanted to sit in the hot tub when it was 108 degrees so we decided to cut our pool time a bit short.  

That night we headed to Planet Hollywood for a magic show.  With Madden still being really into magic we knew the show was going to be a hit.  

Jake and Madden had front row seats.  The theater was really small and intimate which made the show even better.

The Magician with Madden and Skylar.  Madden even got a signed poster which he treasured the rest of the trip.

The kids with the one and only Sponge Bob!!  

Since we didn't want to watch Madden sit in the hot tub the next day, we decided to do the tourist stuff the strip had to offer.  First stop was the M&M Factory.

The kids were in heaven!

We took the kids to the Venetian in hopes they would want to take the boat ride.  They both voted against it and wanted to go to the Excalibur to play games.  

That evening we headed to the Luxor to see Blue Man Group.

The Blue Man Group  so entertaining for both us and the kids.  Madden was shouting "Go Blue Man" the entire time.  

After the show we headed back to our hotel as we had a nice view of the city and saw fireworks after fireworks going off.  Don't think we could of asked for a more perfect first family trip to Vegas.  We are excited to take the kids back and check out what more Vegas has to offer.