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Monday, April 20, 2015

Madden's 3rd Birthday Party

This past weekend we threw Madden his 3rd Birthday Party.  Recently he has become obsessed with a new cartoon about monster trucks called Blaze.  Every morning..."Me watch Blaze Mama, Me watch Blaze?!?!?"  So when I asked him what kind of party he wanted, without hesitation "Monster Truck!" was his answer.

It's so cute because he is now at the age where he completely understood that this party was all about HIM.  I just loved seeing the smile on his face when he woke up from nap and saw the whole house decorated.  We decided to keep the party nice and small.  We invited just family and a couple of Madden little buddies from the neighborhood.

He was in awe of his monster truck cake.

The refuel station.

The bounce house was a huge hit with the kids.  

Boys being boys!

My sweet birthday boy.

Madden was very excited to have his cousin "Baby Len" at his party.

Pinata time!

The girls cheering on the boys!

With a little help from Dad, Madden busted the pinata.

Cake time!  Madden was so excited to blow out his candles, he couldn't even wait for the end of the song.

I think his expression says it all!

Madden opens presents like he is the tasmanian devil.  Rips open every gift, takes a quick five second glimpse at it and goes onto the next.  I barely had enough time to collect the cards for each present.

Madden topped off the night with a small dance party.  He wanted to show Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, and Nana how he dances to his favorite song "Happy."  

It was such a special day celebrating our sweet boy.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

This years Easter was quite the busy holiday.  It was three days of fun, no naps, and lots of sugar.  The kids and I headed up to my parents house on Friday morning to attend Grandma's final resting ceremony.  Later that afternoon we dyed eggs with Papa.  Madden dyed one egg and decided he was over it.  Skylar and Papa did a great job painting and dying all their eggs and Maddens.

Auntie, Unc, and Lennon were over and spoiled the kids.

Saturday the whole family went over to Aunt Elsa and Uncle Jon's for our traditional Easter celebration.  The kids immediately hit the pool.  

Skylar swimming in the spa with cousin Lennon.

Big jumps to Dad.

Working on his tan.

Nana, Papa, and Lennon.

Lennon, Madden and Skylar opening their Easter baskets from Nana and Papa.

After eating Larry's famous pork chops and urging the kids to eat all their pork by promising them the egg hunt.  The hunt was on.  Madden likes to tell Jake or I that he will hold the basket while we find the eggs for him.  Luckily he loosened up a bit and did the egg hunt by himself.  

Cousin Daniel helping Skylar find some eggs.

Aunt Sandra counting Skylar and Carmen eggs.

A happy egg hunter!

Madden quit the hunt earlier than the rest to start eating his candy.  He was the lucky one to find the golden egg with $5.00 in it, which when he opened he just threw on the ground and continue to look for more starburst.  If you just followed the starburst wrappers you knew where to find Madden.

Later the confetti eggs came out.  Skylar was the only one who came out confetti free.

Easter morning the Easter bunny was a little trickster and hid the kids basket in our guest room shower. 

The kids got new swimsuits, books, cups, bubbles, paint supplies, squirt guns and lots of chocolate eggs (which was Skylar's request).


The Easter bunny also got Madden Paw Patrol underwear which he was so excited about (can't you tell by his face), but do you think he would want to wear them....OH NO....but that's another story for another time.

The beautiful Finkel Family was kind enough to invite us over for Easter Sunday Brunch.  Janet made an amazing spread of food and put on the best egg hunt for the kids.  

My little Easter Chicks.  I had to brib them to take this picture by promising them more candy.

Skylar and Mackenzie preparing for the egg hunt.

Janet had eggs filled with tons of candy, balls, coins, my little ponies for the girls and cars for Madden. 

Easter eggs overload!  We came home with more candy than I have ever seen.  I told Jake that I think the kids got more candy on Easter than they did on Halloween.

It was great spending the holiday with some of our best friends and we hope to make it a tradition for here on out.  The kids had a blast and I'm sure a five pound weight gain is in my future with the two baskets full of candy at my house.  Hoppy Easter to all!