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Monday, November 10, 2014

Skylar's 2014 Soccer Season

Skylar's first year playing soccer just wrapped up over the weekend and I don't think we could of been more sad to see the season end.  Skylar played for Carlsbad United for the Girls Under 6 division.  Her teams name was the Flying Unicorns.  When I signed Skylar up I think I was more excited for her to play than she was.  I thought it would be great for her to do a team sport and meet some new girls.  

I took the afternoon off for her first practice since I knew she was going to be nervous.  She was extremely shy and I can still remember when the coaches put the girls in a big circle to kick the ball to each other and introduce themselves when the ball came to Skylar and she was supposed to tell everyone her name, she burst into tears.  Trust me, she wasn't the only girl in tears that day.  Some wouldn't even get out of their parents laps, but even with tears Skylar continued to practice for the whole hour. 

Lucky for us Skylar's shyness didn't last very long and she really started enjoying soccer and playing with all the girls.  We think a lot of it had to do with her friendship with Tova.  Tova was like a big sister to Skylar during the season.  She was very sweet to our Skylar and really made her feel more comfortable.

Game days were always so much fun to watch.  Skylar was the smallest and the slowest on her team so it wasn't always easy for her to get many touches on the ball, but she didn't care.  She still ran up and down the field the entire game.  She also wasn't very aggressive.  Whenever she did touch the ball it wouldn't be for long since she would usually back off  the ball whenever someone else got close.  Either way, she didn't seem to care that much, because she always had a smile on her face during the entire game. On a funny side note, Skylar wasn't ever nervous during the games, only during halftime when the oranges came out for snack.  She was so afraid during those first few games that someone was going to force her to eat one.  Yes, she is 4 1/2 and still refusing to eat any fruit.

Even without having many touches, Skylar did hold the coveted honor of scoring the Flying Unicorns first goal of the season.  It was her only goal of the season, but it was still a special one.  The below picture is her break away for that goal.  I got so excited I stopped taking pictures and had to watch her make her first goal.

Being hit in the tummy by the ball.  She had a couple tears but stayed in the game.

Getting/giving congrats at the end of each game.

I must admit I turned into a total soccer mom.  I was the one on the sidelines screaming and shouting at Skylar during each game.   At one game I even had other parents cheering on Skylar name because I was shouting so much.  I think sometimes my cheering would distract her because if she was close by and heard me shouting for her she would run over during the game and give me a hug.  I'm pretty sure I embarrassed Jake and Madden more than once during the season.

Our girl doing her best to keep up with the ball.

Taking a goal kick.

This face pretty much sums Madden up during soccer season.  Madden would experience meltdowns at each and every game, (even practices) and Jake and I couldn't figure out why.  I think he was the only one who was happy the season came to an end.

Handling a throw in for the team.  

At the end of each game the parents formed a tunnel for the girls to run through.  I think this may have been Skylar's favorite part of the game.

After our last game the parents put together a quick party at a park for the girls to receive their trophies.   It was so cute to see how much the girls had grown from their first practice.  Several were shy and intimated in the beginning and then watching them at the end running around and playing so well together really was such a joy. 

I also think we really lucked out with our coaches.  Skylar really needed to be with coaches who were all about the girls having fun and not the number of wins and that is who we got.  They would sprinkle pixie dust on the girls before games and were just so supportive during the entire season. I felt so bad because after the party Skylar was asking if she was going to have the same coaches next year and I had to tried to explain to her most likely she wouldn't.  

Jake and I couldn't of been more proud of our Soccer All-Star and we all can't wait until next year....well, maybe Madden can wait. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

I really felt like we made the most of this years Halloween season.  Almost every weekend we were doing something "Halloween" related.  We were either at some type of Halloween event or a Halloween party.  Skylar dressed as a Pirate, Cinderella, and a Ballerina all before Halloween night.  I have always loved Halloween, but as the kids are getting older my love for it is intensifying .

 Each year we are trying to step up our decorating game.   This year I purchased a scary witch for the front porch and for the first two weeks we couldn't have her near the door because Madden wouldn't walk past her, but as the month went on the kids started to really enjoy the witch and by Halloween Madden was trying to scary trick or treaters using the witch.  These are the things that bring me such joy, I love seeing the kids get into my favorite holiday.

The night before Halloween we carved out our pumpkins.  Jake continued his tradition of carving whatever Skylar wants.  He tried to sway her into allowing him to carve out Jack Skellington, but she insist on it being Minnie Mouse this year.  Last year Madden was obsessed with planes and this year its trains, so it was an easy decision on what to crave Madden's pumpkin into.

For this years costumes I wanted to try my best and keep Skylar away from anything princess.  I already knew there was going to be hundreds of Elsa and Anna's and lord knows I didn't want to dress up as Olaf, so I came up with the idea to do bank robbers.  I knew Skylar would prefer to wear some sort of dress (and you can't be a bank robber in a dress), so I began showing her cop costumes online and she feel in love with one, and I couldn't of been happier!

It took Madden a bit to warm up to putting on his costume so we had a shirtless robber in our family picture.

Officer Skylar at your service.  I may be completely bias but I just couldn't get over how adorable she looked.

We were finally able to make Madden put his entire costume on.  Sadly, he only last a couple minutes with the beanie on, but at least I got one picture.

Bank Robbers on the run!!

We had Tinkerbell, Mr. Smee and the Ringmaster all over for pre-trick or treating dinner and drinks.

Getting ready to start trick or treating.  The Tiger couldn't wait and was already eating candy before we left.

Hitting the streets.

I was so proud of Madden.  Last year he refused to trick or treat and just sat on Papa's lap watching the trick or treaters come up to our house.  This year he was right in the middle of the pack.  We taught him to say "Treat...Please," (he can't say "trick" just yet).  I think people were also a bit confused as to what he was dressed as since he wouldn't wear his beanie.  We noticed homeowners would admire Skylar and Sophie's costumes and they wouldn't really know what to say about Maddens.  

Captain Hook and his Fairy Pirate.

We ran into some real police officers who were kind enough to take a picture with Skylar.  Skylar was a bit shy and only would take the picture as long as Sophie was in it with her.  On a side note, Skylar totally stayed in character the whole time trick or treating.  She left her sunglasses on even when it was completely dark out.  

The kids had a blast trick or treating.  Running from house to house, not wanting to stop and requesting we go to certain houses in the neighborhood.  We spent about an hour trick or treating with the kids and figured it was time to call it quits.  It was getting pretty dark and I wanted to get back home to help my parents pass out candy, which is my favorite part of the night.  The kids and I past out candy for about an hour and a half.  I was even starting to lose my voice by the end of the night, but I loved every second of it.  Skylar, Sophie and Madden would shout "Candy Here!" and the girls would compliment several of the trick or treaters on their costumes  By 8:00 P.M. it started to rain and we still had a couple good handfuls of candy left.  Even after purchasing 1K pieces of candy, I run a pretty tight ship when it comes to passing out candy.  Only one to two pieces per trick or treater, but by the end Skylar and I passed out handfuls to get out of the rain.  I think by 8:30 P.M. we had completely shut down shop.  Jake put a rope up so people wouldn't come to the door, which I'm glad he did because the neighbors door bell was ringing until 9:15 P.M.

Our costumes were a huge success (minus Madden and the beanie), the kids got enough candy to last them until spring and I'm already narrowing down our costumes for next year.  This Halloween season was my favorite by far.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Crazy Hair Day

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

We hadn't seen Grandma and Grandpa since the summer so we were all really excited that they were coming down for a visit.   Skylar was asking all week long when will Grandma and Grandpa be here.  It was pretty funny, when she woke up from her nap on the day they were arriving she wanted to make them a welcome card.  We got all the stationary and pens out and I helped her write her card.  Grandma and Grandpa showed up sooner than expect and she hadn't put her card in the envelope just yet, so as they were walking into our house she bust into tears because she just wanted everything to be perfect for their arrival.  So they were greeted with Skylar crying her eyes out. Luckily we had them turn away and she was able to get her card into the envelope and her tears stopped.

For this trip we didn't have too much planned, just kind of go with the flow and see what the kids wanted to do.  Skylar and Grandma spent a lot of time playing Tea Party with their Minnie Mouse dolls, while Grandpa and Madden played with his dump trucks all throughout the house.  Skylar was right next to Grandma during their whole trip.  Constantly asking for Grandma, wanting to play with Grandma, if Grandma was going to wear a sweater, she was going to wear a sweater.  It was all very cute and sweet to watch.  It was like she was Grandma's little shadow.  We were able to break Skylar way from the Minnie Tea Party and got out and did a few activities with Grandma and Grandpa.

We walked on the Oceanside Pier and ate Fish and Chips.


One night we baked homemade pizza.  Grandma made Madden his own "boyish" apron but he refused to wear it and wanted to wear Moms.

We had breakfast at the Carlsbad airport and watched the planes take off and land.  It's Madden's favorite spot to eat.

We took a walk along the lagoon one morning.

Each night and sometimes during the day Grandma and Grandpa would read books to the kiddos.

Like all visits, they always go too fast.  The kids loved spending time with their Grandparents and they always miss them when they leave.  We are already looking forward to their visit during the holidays.