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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bressi's Summer Luau

"ALOHA"......from Bressi!!  This weekend our social committee put on one of their best events so far with their Summer Luau Party.  Before heading over to the luau we met up with the Rossitto and the Lund's for our own little pre-luau festivities.  Our festivities included several delicious mai tai's made by drink master Jess and homemade mango salsa created by Jake.  When heading out the girls led the way as they couldn't wait to get there.

By the time we arrived it was already packed with people.  Hawaiian jams were playing, drinks were in hand (each adult got three drink tickets), and food was being served.  Tons of people were dressed for the occasion decked out in Hawaiian shirts and skirts.   I think the only thing missing was the roasting of the pig.

Getting the kids to eat was almost impossible.  They were running wild the moment we arrived.  The girls and Madden were playing all the game, loading up their bags full of prizes.  For some reason they loved the beach balls that were being thrown around.  They played with the beach balls for half the party. 

Madden getting his hulu on!

Beach Ball Cuties!

Mai Tai's and Momma's!

They had a photo booth set up which we took full advantage of.  It definitely wasn't easy, but we some how were able to do a group photo.

Surfer Dude!
(sad it turned out so blurry, he looks so cute)

The entertainment for the evening was a Polynesian dance group, who were great!  We couldn't stop laughing because as all the kids sat and watched the dancers the only two kids standing up during the whole performance was Skylar and Sophie.  Sophie really felt the music and couldn't stop dancing while Skylar just stood there mesmerized. When they requested for volunteers the girls ran up so quick I don't think they even realized their were other kids in front of them.

The girls getting their hulu on with the dancers.

We had a great night and I truly do appreciate all the hard work the social committee put into this event. It was an awesome night for the whole neighborhood and now I have the itch to book a Hawaiian vacation.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Disney Princess Night

I just happened to be on the website of the Botanical Gardens last week and saw that they were hosting a Disney Princess Night, which was, of course a no brainier for us.  We told Sophie and Jess and it was a date for the four of us.

The girls had a blast running around and dancing with all the other kids while waiting for the princesses to arrive.


Molly, Skylar and Sophie

Once all the princesses finally arrived the girls rushed to the stage trying to get the best spot to see their ideals. The girls were front and center of the stage while watching each princess perform with a look of complete awe on their faces.

At the end of the performance everyone got to meet their favorite princess and take pictures with them.  The girls rushed over to get in line to meet Sophia the First.  It was like a dream come true for Skylar, she is the biggest Sophia fan.  After seeing the excitement on Skylar face over all the princesses, it made me think that we are due for another Disney trip.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Skylar's 1st Mani and Pedi

A few weeks ago I wanted to get some one on one time with Skylar.  We have been doing so much as a foursome lately that I thought we needed a little girl time.  I decided to take Skylar to get her first mani/pedi.  She got her own set of polishes over Christmas but had never gotten her nails done professionally.  She was super excited when we arrived and she saw the hundreds of nail polish colors she got to choose from.  She, of course picked her favorite color.....RED.

When we sat down, Skylar got very nervous.  So nervous that she started to tear up.  She said she was scared to put her feet in the water because she felt like she was going to fall in the tub....(poor baby).  I tried to explain to her its just like the bath and it feels good, but the tears just kept streaming down her face. Once they drained the water she cheered up right away and they started painting her toes.  The women were so sweet and kind to her.  The colorful diamonds they put on her nails and toes was definitely the highlight for her.

It looks like I got her hooked and that we will be going back again real soon.   The best part is just spending the quality time with my girl.  Love her!

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July in Bressi

The 4th of July in our neighborhood is a blast!  We have it all....a parade, BBQs, pool time, and fireworks!  All the main components that make you feel like you are truly celebrating the 4th.  I was extremely excited for the parade in the neighborhood that I purchased the decorations for the kids several weeks before the 4th. I remember last year finding out about the parade last minute and having to pick through all the left overs at Michaels.  We headed over to the Rossitto's house to decorate their wagon for the girls to ride it.  The girls helped out by putting stars in the wagon where they were sitting instead of on the wagon.  The parents took over at that point while the girls ran around and Madden decided to eat the blue glittery styrofoam stars...yes he was really trying to get a taste of what the 4th was all about.  With all the decorating done we headed across the neighborhood to the home of the family that was hosting the parade.

When walking over to the parade I think the Dads started to realize it wasn't going to be easy pulling the wagon throughout the neighborhood.  Once we showed up if felt like the whole neighborhood was there.  There were tons of kids of all ages on anything and everything that had wheels.  They had a line of golf carts and even a truck pulling a boat to lead the parade.  Tons of breakfast food was out for everyone to enjoy and drinks for both kids and parents.  We had the kids run around and play a bit.  Skylar immediately was begging for a festive donut before the parade started.

After doing a tribute to all military, saying the pledge of allegiance, and a 4th of July quiz for prizes the parade was finally off.  Music was pumping, kids were cheering and the sun was shining.  Thank goodness for the Dad's because the parade route definitely wasn't easy for people on bikes or pushing kids.  It was a lot of up hill and they were champs pulling the girls in the wagon.  The parade started off with such promise but once we hit that first hill it really started slowing people down and it looked like we were losing some of the crowd.  By the time we turned the corner for our street Madden was past out in his push car and some how we were left in the distance as I think several people didn't want to walk up another hill.  Being told that the best part of the parade was still to come we pushed forward and were told to meet everyone at the local Stater Bros. store.  When we made it there, not one person from the parade had arrived yet and we figured that the run through Stater Bros wasn't going to happen.  After waiting 15 minutes the only people to show up for the grand finale were the three groups in golf carts and the convertible car full of moms.  The Stater Bros dash happened, but we dropped out about 1/4 of the way through the grocery store.  Didn't seem like the customers were too happy to see a group of kids and parents running up and down the aisles.  Next year they need to work more on the parade route, less hills and less distance. Either way, it was still a ton of fun.  The kids enjoyed themselves and nothing beats a parade on the 4th of July.

Next we headed to the pool to cool off after parade.  We wanted to get to the pool before nap time and before it would get too packed.  The kids swam and ate lunch up until nap time.  We BBQ our traditional turkey burgers and I put together a fruit pizza for our dessert.  With the kids getting anxious for fireworks we headed to the grassy area where we can watch three different sets of fireworks.  Jake came prepared with glow sticks for the kids and they had a blast playing with the other kids while waiting for the show to start.  Once the fireworks started I'm not too sure how much our kids watched.  Skylar spent most of the time running around with her friend Maddie and Madden was so scared of the fireworks (which were like 5 miles away) crying and wanting to sit in the stroller.  Once it was after 9:00 and I could tell Madden was getting no enjoyment out of the fireworks I took him home and shortly after Jake and Skylar followed.  We really had a great 4th of July and I feel so blessed that we were able to do so much and have so much fun just in our little community.

Love my two little firecrackers

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Day of "Summer" Preschool

Kids have so many firsts in the beginning of their little lives.  First taste of food, first tooth, first step, first word, first time using the potty, and the first day of school.

Today we got to experience the first day for preschool for Skylar.  I decided I wanted to put Skylar into the summer preschool program right after I found out she got into her preschool, Redeemer by the Sea.  I felt she was getting to old for day care and needed a bit of a change.  Before Skylar turned three we had been telling her once she turns three it means she can go to school and she has been very excited about it.  After a bit of a fight on what she was going to wear to school we made our way over.

One of the main reasons Skylar is so thrilled about school starting is that she gets to be in the same class as her bestie Sophie and her friends Molly and Nicholas.  When I pulled up I told her Sophie was here and she wanted out of the car immediately so she could show her friend her backpack.  The kids were all so excited and wanted to just get to the gate that leads into the school yard.

Left to Right:
Nicholas, Molly, Sophie and Skylar

Waiting for Ms. Cindy to open the gate.

Once the gates were open the kids went to straight to Room 1 where us parents had to sign them in.  When walking in she introduced herself to her teachers Ms. Bonnie and Ms. Nicole.  We found Skylar's cubby and put her backpack in it.  There was about ten kids in the class and everyone was admiring all the fun and new surroundings the classroom had to offer.  The kids went straight to the a table fill of play-doh and never once looked back at us parents.  Having to leave to work and seeing that Skylar was fine I kissed her good-bye and told her to have fun.  Jake headed over to surprise her at pick up.  They said she did really well, played a lot with Sophie, and had no problem eating her lunch.  I would definitely call the first day a huge success and I can't wait for the next three summer sessions.

I can't believe I have a preschooler....now that is crazy!!