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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bressi's Summer Luau

"ALOHA"......from Bressi!!  This weekend our social committee put on one of their best events so far with their Summer Luau Party.  Before heading over to the luau we met up with the Rossitto and the Lund's for our own little pre-luau festivities.  Our festivities included several delicious mai tai's made by drink master Jess and homemade mango salsa created by Jake.  When heading out the girls led the way as they couldn't wait to get there.

By the time we arrived it was already packed with people.  Hawaiian jams were playing, drinks were in hand (each adult got three drink tickets), and food was being served.  Tons of people were dressed for the occasion decked out in Hawaiian shirts and skirts.   I think the only thing missing was the roasting of the pig.

Getting the kids to eat was almost impossible.  They were running wild the moment we arrived.  The girls and Madden were playing all the game, loading up their bags full of prizes.  For some reason they loved the beach balls that were being thrown around.  They played with the beach balls for half the party. 

Madden getting his hulu on!

Beach Ball Cuties!

Mai Tai's and Momma's!

They had a photo booth set up which we took full advantage of.  It definitely wasn't easy, but we some how were able to do a group photo.

Surfer Dude!
(sad it turned out so blurry, he looks so cute)

The entertainment for the evening was a Polynesian dance group, who were great!  We couldn't stop laughing because as all the kids sat and watched the dancers the only two kids standing up during the whole performance was Skylar and Sophie.  Sophie really felt the music and couldn't stop dancing while Skylar just stood there mesmerized. When they requested for volunteers the girls ran up so quick I don't think they even realized their were other kids in front of them.

The girls getting their hulu on with the dancers.

We had a great night and I truly do appreciate all the hard work the social committee put into this event. It was an awesome night for the whole neighborhood and now I have the itch to book a Hawaiian vacation.

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  1. These pix of The Luau in Bressi are fabulous! Skylar is "the party girl" and the pix of Madden with the four little girls is great! Loved the pix of Madden and Daddy, and the group in the photo booth. Madden in the photo booth was pretty cute, too. I can hear the Hawaiian music and feel the relaxing gift of "Aloha" from just looking at these pix. It must have been funny to watch Skylar and Sophie run up to dance with the Hula Dancers. Skylar loves to dance. Mahalo!