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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All good things must come to an end

Last week was a heartbreaking one for me.  It was the kids last day at Michelle's day care.  Michelle has been a huge part of our lives for 2 1/2 years now and seeing that time with her come to an end was very emotional.  Skylar started at Michelle's when she was only 9 months old and Madden when he was 4 months old, and ever since then they has been in her care every week for two and half days.

I often think how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for my children to spend time while Jake and I have to be at work.  Nothing has been come comforting for me to know Skylar and Madden are being cared for by such an amazing person.  Michelle has not only been a day care provider, but a teacher, a nurse, and a parent figure to the kids.  Like I told Michelle, she has been a second mother to my kids and sometimes I think a better parent than me.  The thought of not seeing Michelle every morning really makes me sad.  Madden would always have the biggest grin on his face while waiting for her to open her front door, then he would run in just full of such excitement.  Skylar being the oldest of the kids now was taking on a nurturing role to the babies.  When I told her she would not be going to Michelle's any more she would tell me how much she was going to miss Wayne, the new little baby.


When Madden started at Michelle's that put the total of kids to 6 so Michelle was required to hire an assistant.  Thinking that it was going to be hard to find someone willing to work just part time and make sure they had all the experience Michelle had made me extremely nervous.  Lucky for us, Michelle found an wonderful lady who fit everything Michelle and us parents were hoping for.  Jaca started about a year ago and she has been just as amazing as Michelle has been.  She just adores all the kids as if they were her very own.  I think she and Madden had a very special connection as he was so little when he started and was by no means an easy baby.  I think he spent a lot of time in Jaca's arms in the those early first few months.  I didn't get to see Jaca on a daily basis as I did Michelle, but Skylar would tell me every day about what she did with her.  

I think the hardest part for me is knowing that Madden didn't get all the time with Michelle that Skylar did.  If I had endless money I would of kept Madden at Michelle's while Skylar starts preschool, but sadly, it just doesn't work for us.  As Skylar moves on to her next milestone of her little life, I know she is going to thrive because of everything she has learned from Michelle.  I don't think we can ever thank her enough for everything she has done for us as a family and I will forever be in debt to her.

Here is a little video of the kids with Michelle.

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  1. What a sad day, to say "good-bye" to Michelle and her wonderful Day Care. What a great beginning she gave Skylar. But kids grow up and new adventures are in store for both Skylar and Madden. Thank you for sharing the last day with Michelle on the Blog.