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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Desert Fun

Last weekend we took a quick overnight trip to Palm Desert with the Rossitto's.  This being Skylar and Sophie's first mini vacation together the girls were beyond excited.  We got there early on Saturday morning, checked into our rooms and headed straight to the pool.  The place was huge and had several pools with a water slide, spray-grounds, and a sandy beach.  We played by the pool late into the evening, ordered pizza and pasta to our villas for dinner and than found marshmallow roasting.  The kiddos played late into the night by the pool with glow sticks until we had to call it a night.  The next day after not much sleep for the kids, we hit up the pool early and swam for a couple hours until it was nap time and time to drive home.  We had a great first vacation with the Rossitto's and hope there will be many more to come.

Hugs for the giant gummy bear at the Dylan Candy Shop.

Playing on the sandy beach.

Playing in the villa.

Running on the golf course before dinner.

Roasting marshmallows in the 100+ weather.

Smore's #selfie.

#peppertreeposse #bestneighborsever

Lunch break before heading home.  Love these three!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Loving on Lennon

This weekend we went up to Riverside to see my parents, swim in their pool, but mostly get some quality time with cousin Lennon.  Skylar was pretty scared by her baby cousin during her first introduction to him, but this time it was a complete turnaround.  She was like a doting mother.  She held him, she made sure he had his pacifier, and even feed him his bottle.  She kept pulling Madden aside and told him he needed to whisper because baby Lennon was sleeping.  She even gave Lennon the nickname of Babyfoot, (no clue where that came from).  When it was time to leave she kept asking Auntie if she could give him a kiss on the head.  She is hoping that baby Lennon will come down to her house real soon.  

Ballpark Fun

A few months back our awesome neighbor CJ was kind of enough to get us all tickets to a Padres game.  Since JJ and Madden need their naps we wanted to try and find a later afternoon game time.  Lucky for us we found one that landed on the Fourth of July holiday weekend, so what better way to keep the fun rolling.  I hadn't been to a Padres game since Skylar was a year old so it was definitely time to hit up the park again.  

We thought the kids would love taking the coaster and trolley down to the park, which of course was a big hit.

We got front row sits in the beach area which was perfect for the kids.  They were able to run around and play right in front of us.  Once we got there Skylar saw cotton candy and immediately started begging for some.  The kids ate a typical ball park dinner; pretzels and nachos before they got their special treat.

It was a really fun evening, even though the Padres lost.  We already got tickets for another game a couple weeks out.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July - 2014

Parade, Pool, BBQ and Fireworks pretty much sums up our 4th of July holiday.  It all started on the 3rd of July when we had the crew over for dinner to decorate for the neighborhood parade.

On the 4th the kids were up early and anxious to get down to the parade that morning.  I think Skylar was the most excited about wearing her new red tutu we got just for the holiday.

We were a bit worried about the girls riding in the parade since they mostly just ride in the back alley, but they rode like pros.

Sophie, Skylar & Abigial.

This is how Madden spent most of the morning.  He pulled the wagon we decorated for him and Johnny the whole time we were waiting for the parade to start.  I was so worried he was going to wear himself out pulling that thing all over the place in the heat.

Our family on the 4th.

The 3 Musketeers

Our great neighbors and friends!

Madden finally let go of the wagon  for a wrestling/hugging match with Johnny on the grass.  These two best buds can't get enough of each other.  

This year we decided to not go the full length of the parade.  It was pretty warm and we didn't want to wear out the kids too much.  Bless them, the girls did awesome and even though we were in the back of the pack the girls scootered the whole way and mostly up hill.  Madden and Johnny lasted about 20 feet in the wagon and than had CJ and I carried them, which made for a very hot and sweaty parade walk for me.  Even though it was another warm parade its worth sitting out there in the heat because the kids love every minute of it and its fun just being with friends.  

After the parade we hit the pool to cool down and have lunch.  We took naps and then headed down to the Lund's street for the neighborhood block party.  There was music, a ton of food, and drinks.  Everyone brought there own meat to grill and a side dish. 

TJ, Jake, and Craig.

Of course with some much going on, the kids barely ate dinner, but were able to find themselves a special treat.


By the time we left the block party the fireworks were going to start.  We went home, met up with Johnny and CJ and headed over to the lawn area in our neighborhood where you can watch three different firework shows.  The kids love running around with their glowsticks. Last year Madden was pretty scared of the fireworks, but this year he couldn't get enough.  Some people came with there own small fireworks that Madden loved watching, he kept asking for more after each one shot off.   The kids night finally ended at 10:00PM but I'm pretty sure they would of went all night had we let them.  

We are so lucky to have so many great friends in our neighborhood to celebrate such a fun holiday with.

Skylar's 1st Dance Recital

Ever since I found out I was having a girl I think I had been dreaming about this day.  Skylar has been dancing for a year now and thankfully she has really loved it.  My mom told me that I was the complete opposite.  She tried her hardest to get me to do dance, but I guess I wanted nothing to do with it.  From the start Skylar has really enjoyed being a part of her tap/ballet combo class.  She has dance class on the day I work so I rarely get to see her dance so when it was recital time Jake and I were very excited to see our girl shine.

Rectial was all weekend.  She had rehearsal and pictures on Saturday and recital on Sunday.  For many who know me they know I know nothing about make-up.  I rarely wear it and still own the same 5 mac eye shadows I purchased back in my junior year of college.  Needless to say I was pretty stressed about Skylar's hair and make up.  Thank goodness to our amazing nanny Maria, she showed me exactly how to do the hair bun and make up. So she gets all the credit for making our ballerina look so pretty.

She had a couple of nerves the day of the rehearsal but she worked through those and couldn't be more ready to dance for us.  My Mom, Jake's parents, and Aunt Sherry all came in to watch Skylar dance, while my Dad was kind enough to watch Madden for us.  I, of course, was running around all morning trying to get Skylar ready and Madden packed up for his morning with Papa and during all the chaos I forgot a piece of Skylar's outfit. The recital was in La Jolla and we were just about to exit the freeway when I realized what I forgot.  Thankfully to Jake, he immediately turned around and raced all the way back home to get the arm bands for her.  He said he never thought his pruis could do 100 mph, but it did.

The theme of the recital was Lights, Camera, Action and each performance had music from a movie.  Skylar performed to "Somewhere Out There," from the movie American Tail.  From the second the curtains opened I was in tears.  Watching her up there, in front of all those people and not being afraid really warmed my heart .  She had the biggest smile on her face during her whole dance routine, and her performance was perfect (but I may be bias...haha)   

Skylar with all her classmates and her teacher Ms. Jenny.

Afterwards she was on cloud nine. Loving all the attention and praise, which she deserved. 

It really was a fun morning and we couldn't be more proud of our tiny dancer.  As we were leaving Skylar was already asking when she was going back to dance class.