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Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving - 2011

We pretty much spent the whole weekend doing Halloween activities and carving our pumpkins was something we were all looking forward to doing.  Jake decided on doing a pumpkin for Skylar and did an awesome job carving out Elmo, while I just put together a cute happy face.  Skylar guided Dad on how she wanted Elmo to look and helped me trace out my face on my pumpkin.  Skylar had a mini pumpkin that she just marked up with a black marker but got bored with that and wanted to helped me scrape out all the goo inside my pumpkin.  Jake also baked some yummy pumpkin seeds coated in parmesan cheese seasoning.  Once the sun went down we took our pumpkin to the front porch and watched them glow.  Skylar was in love with the pumpkin Dad made her for, she kept saying "Melmo, Melmo."   

Flower Girl Skylar

This past weekend Skylar was formally asked by her Aunt Erin to be the Flower Girl in her and Matthew's wedding.  Erin gave Skylar a cute little present asking her to be her Flower Girl with a flower head piece and a Elmo T-Shirt. Skylar could care less about the card and head piece of course, it was all about the Elmo T-Shirt.  Erin and Matthew don't have a date just yet, but we are all hoping for next fall.  I can't wait to see Skylar all dressed up and walking down the aisle, it's really going to be a special moment for Jake and I. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Darci & Blake's Baby Shower

Well we are just about 8 weeks away until little Logan Anderson arrives and another one of my best friends will become a Mom!  This weekend Darci and Blake had their baby shower at a local park which was a ton of fun.  Blake's Mom hosted the party and did a awesome job with everything from the food, decor and even having a pie tasting contest.  I think the cutest part was the little photo spot she put together for all the families to take a fall photo together. 

It was so nice because all of our friends were able to make it to the shower and show our excitement and love for little Logan.  Plus Skylar was able to visit with all her little friends MacKenzie, Stephen, and Linc, at least when she didn't want to be with all the girls.

Throughout the whole day Darci was just glowing and seemed so happy.  I just know she is going to make an incredible Mom and that Blake will be such a fun loving Dad.  I couldn't be happier for the both and them and I can't wait for Logan to become apart of their family.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And 1 more makes a Family of 4!

Well Jake, Skylar and I are very excited that we will be expanding our family and welcoming a new member to it.  Yes I am pregnant and feeling pretty good now that I'm finally through the first trimester.  I thought this first trimester was tougher then my first trimester with Skylar, but Jake said I complained about all the same stuff.  Our due date is May 4th, 2012, which for those who don't know or remember, Skylar's due date was May 4th, 2010.  I don't know what our deal with May 4th is, but seeing that Skylar was a week late we are hoping maybe this baby will be a week early.  Nevertheless we are all extremely excited and happy to became a wonderful family of four and we know that Skylar is going to be the best big sister anyone could ask for. 

Our Little Bean at 12 Weeks

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch - 2011

Our next adventure was to go to the Pumpkin Patch.  We had never been to Bates Nut Farm before but I researched it online and heard it was the best Pumpkin Patch in San Diego.  This place was insane, I never expected it to be so huge and with so many things to do, and not to mention half of San Diego had to be there.  When you walk in you don't even know where to start. There are hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins everywhere from all sizes and colors and they also have a fair going on with slides, pony rides, hayrides, face painting, and tons of yummy food. 

Skylar made a b-line for all the pumpkins in hoping to find one her size.

Some of the pumpkins there were the largest pumpkins I think I have ever seen. They had to be close to 100 pounds.

Next we decided to sample some of the food, which of course is always a must when you are at place like this. 

We took a quick tour of the farm by taking the hayride.

It was time to start picking out some pumpkins to take home and Skylar decided that at first she wanted to ride in the wheelbarrow, then she wanted to push it herself.

Eventually Skylar found her perfect pumpkin!

Bates Nut Farm was an great experience and I think we are going to definitely make it a family tradition.


Talk about a packed filled weekend!  We had a ton of fun this past weekend with Grandpa Paul and Grandma Suzie.  Our first stop was the Legoland Aquarium and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint. 

Skylar was immediately in heaven when we walked in as she was able to go down the slide and get up close and personal with all the sea life.

Grandma Suzie was very excited to see her first lego Pelician!

Skylar loved touching all the starfish in the little pools.

To our suprirse we were excited to find out that if you purchase tickets to the Aquarium they let you go into the park and explore for an hour, which we totally jumped on since we had never been to the park before.  The park was totally awesome and I can only imagine how much you can do if you are there for the whole day.

We found the perfect section of the park where Skylar was able to run all over the place and climb through things.

There was even a lego train ride that we took Skylar on, but I think Grandma Suzie and myself were more excited to be on the train ride than Skylar.

After our morning at Legoland I have definitely decided that starting next year I'm purchasing a year pass.  We had a ton of fun and I can't wait to explore the rest of the park with Skylar.