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Monday, October 3, 2011

Matthew & Erin's Engagement Weekend

This past weekend was a big weekend for our family, as my little brother proposed to his beautiful girlfriend of six years.  Matthew had had this weekend planned for a few months now and he wanted to surprise Erin by having our family and Erin's family fly out to Arizona and celebrate with the both of them.  So after Matthew popped the question at the Grand Canyon on Thursday, they drove into Scottsdale on Friday where we were all waiting.  It wasn't the big "SURPRISE" as we thought it would of been because of course with Facebook and everyone knowing about their engagement Matthew and Erin's Arizona friends were trying to make plans to hang out and celebrate with them on Friday night and Matthew had to tell Erin they couldn't go out with them because all of us were waiting for the two of them at the resort.  Either way, I think Erin was still surprised!!

Friday night my parents hosted a happy hour/dinner at the resorts restaurant to congratulate the happy couple.  We all sat outside in the private section of the resorts restaurant where there was a live band and delicious food and drinks.  There were ponds and fountains surrounding the whole place so Skylar was in heaven running around and putting her hand in the water.  I had to take Skylar to bed around 8:30 p.m. but everyone else celebrated into the wee hours of the night.

I have the worst camera on the face of the earth!
The next day the boys all went golfing, Erin and her family did some shopping, while Mom, Skylar and I went back to the pool for some relaxing.  It was overcast most of the day which made it really nice.  Skylar enjoyed just working on her tan.

While shopping Erin wanted to play a little joke on Matthew so she purchased a $5.00 wedding dress and a bunch of $3.00 bridesmaid dresses and wanted to trick Matthew into thinking she wanted to have the wedding that night.  It ended up being pretty funny because Matthew looked pretty shocked when we all walked out dressed for a wedding ceremony.  I also think it was good practice for Skylar as I'm hoping she will get to be the flower girl in their "real" wedding.

For the last night Erin's parents set up a really nice dinner for everyone at an awesome resort down the street from where we were staying.  It was a really beautiful place and the food was beyond amazing.  Skylar unfortunately wasn't in the mood to sit at the table so Jake and I were back and forth with her at the fountain or the chair swing by the fire pit the entire meal. 


I don't think our family could be happier that Erin is going to be officially apart of our family.  She has been such a major part of our lives for the past six years and it's now nice to know that we are going to have several more years with her.  I feel that Matthew had perfect timing with it all and that he couldn't be any happier.  I'm looking forward to their future together and excited for their next step in their relationship.  Congratulations again to the happy couple, we love you both very much!

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  1. Congratulations to Matthew and Erin and their families! I think the "wedding party" dresses was a great joke. Good job, Erin!