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Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving - 2011

We pretty much spent the whole weekend doing Halloween activities and carving our pumpkins was something we were all looking forward to doing.  Jake decided on doing a pumpkin for Skylar and did an awesome job carving out Elmo, while I just put together a cute happy face.  Skylar guided Dad on how she wanted Elmo to look and helped me trace out my face on my pumpkin.  Skylar had a mini pumpkin that she just marked up with a black marker but got bored with that and wanted to helped me scrape out all the goo inside my pumpkin.  Jake also baked some yummy pumpkin seeds coated in parmesan cheese seasoning.  Once the sun went down we took our pumpkin to the front porch and watched them glow.  Skylar was in love with the pumpkin Dad made her for, she kept saying "Melmo, Melmo."   

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