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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween - 2011

Boy, Halloween definitely takes on a totally new meaning when you move to the suburbs.  Last Halloween we were living at the beach, had a 6 month old who was just sitting up, didn't see one carved pumpkin, and didn't get one trick or treater.  This year Halloween was a weekend long event. 

It all started off on Friday night when my work put on Halloween party for everyone and their families.  They had a pumpkin carving contest, goodies for the kiddos and a haunted house.  Skylar was a mess when we first arrived after having a massive cry session after Jake and I put her in her costume, but once we got into the party and she saw all the fun everyone was having she cheered right up.  She loved running all over the office and when she found the coloring station she was in heaven because she grab a fist full of crayons and held on to them the whole night.  She didn't want to wear her pig hat until the very end of the party, which I was so happy about because I was worried I wouldn't get one picture of her in it.  She was having the best time and I pretty much had to drag her out of the haunted house so we could make it home for her bed time.

Next event was the neighborhood Halloween Parade and Party in our nearby park.  Once we arrived she was surrounded by all the girls wanting to play with her and push her around in her little car. 

When it was time for the group picture Skylar was refusing to take part in it and was off to the side crying.

Luckily she cheered up in time to participant in the parade around the neighborhood.

After the short parade march it was treat time for the kids, which put Skylar in a great mood because she enjoyed two cookies and had a great time playing on the slide.  Sadly, I never got her to wear her pig hat.

Trick of Treat time has finally arrived.  Halloween night was here and Jake and I rushed home to get Skylar ready.  Jake and I decided to dress up as Farmers to go along with our little pig.  Since we wanted to take Skylar trick or treating we didn't have anyone at home to pass out candy so we just left a massive bowl full of candy.  I can't even explain how intense our neighborhood gets on Halloween.  I have never see anything like it.  I really wish I had a nice camera so I could have taken better pictures of the houses but one street goes all out and does a pirate theme.  One of our friends live in one of the pirate houses so that is where we headed to.  There had to of been 1000s of kids and adults walking around the neighborhood. 

It was nice when we arrived at Jen and Mike's house. Skylar was able to do some trick or treating and it was nice just to have a spot to hang out at and watch everyone and everything.

Halloween definitely didn't disappoint this year and I think it's only going to get better and better as Skylar gets older and starts to have a better understanding for the holiday.

Just a small note to self, try and get a costume that doesn't require her to wear something on her head.

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  1. What a super Halloween for one sweet "little piggy." I like the pix of Skylar eating in between the 2 bigger kids. She looks so happy!
    We also like the pix of Skylar ready to go down the slide! The farmers were pretty cool, too.
    You Rock, SoCal Ernests...or, I might have to change it to Bressie Village Ernests soon:)
    Love, The Bonzes