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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sea World's Christmas Preview

I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner.  I have even started doing some Christmas shopping as I'm trying to get as much done as I can before we "may" (keeping fingers crossed everything with our house goes through) be moving into our new home.  With it being the holiday season Sea World put on their Annual Christmas Preview for all season pass holders so Jake and I decided to take Skylar and meet up with Rocio and Naanelii (our Sea World buddies).  Jake left work earlier and we headed off to Sea World with a grumpy Skylar who had just wakened from a nap. 

Once we arrived I was pretty surprised how crowded it already was.  Rocio and Naanelii we running a bit late so we took Skylar directly to the Sesame Street area where she completely snapped out of her bad mood.  She was pointing to Elmo and dragged Dad to the line for the flying Elmo ride.  Next up was Abby's tea cup ride.  We let Skylar cruise around for a bit but she was wanting to play in the spray ground they had going so we thought we should get her out of there and let her look at the awesome Christmas tree Sea World had.

Right then Rocio and Naanelii arrived and Naanelli, who is such a sweetheart, went to give Skylar a big hug and hold her hand, which of course Skylar was not reciprocating.  Naanelli was in ah of the massive Christmas tree while Skylar just wanted to be with Mom.

We decided to see what else the park had to offer so we put the girls in their strollers and found the sea lions that were definitely in the holiday mood.  They were so loud, begging for everyone to throw them small fish.  The girls loved watching them.  We kept telling them that the fish were taking a bath.  Jake on the other hand who is not a fan of sea lions thought they were extremely annoying.

The main attraction that Sea World puts on during the holidays is the real snow playground they have set up for all the kids.  We found the snow, but the line was just outrageously long and we figured it wouldn't be worth it for the girls.  So we headed back to where we know the girls will have fun and went to the Sesame Street play area.  There were tons of kids playing in the bounce house which was perfect for the girls to burn off some energy in.

Last but not least we watched the Holiday Shamu Show.  I hadn't seen a Shamu show in probably 20 years so I wasn't sure what to expect or even if Skylar would sit through the whole thing, but to my surprised the show wasn't half bad and Skylar sat and watch the entire thing.  It probably helped that she was munching on some popcorn, but every time she saw Shamu she would say "WOOOOHHH, WOOOOHHH" it was pretty cute. 

I thought the whole Holiday Preview that Sea World put on was pretty good.  Skylar had a good time and now that Jake is a holder of a season pass for 2012 I'm sure we will be making many trips back to Sea World in New Year.

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