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Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Fun at Bressi

Last week was a pretty tough one with all of us coming down with the stomach flu, but luckily we were all better by the weekend and able to attend our communities Easter celebration.  Madden went down for a nap right before the party started so Skylar and I headed over first.   I wanted to get a picture with Skylar and the Easter Bunny right away because I wasn't too sure if she would be to distracted to take a picture later when Madden got there.  

Our social committee did a great job setting up a bunch of different games for the kids to play and win little prizes.  Skylar's favorite prize was her bunny whistle.  She ran around half the party with that whistle in her mouth.

Jake and Madden showed not too long after.  Poor Madden wasn't in the best mood, he still wasn't feeling 100% and then Mom throws him into the arms of the Easter Bunny.  As you can see he didn't really appreciate that.  Skylar went for more the serious look this time around.  

Skylar's bestie Sophie showed up and she was in heaven.  She had been asking for her right when we arrived.  Skylar took Sophie to all the games and showed her how to play them.  By that time, Skylar had played them all three times so she was a pro.  The two of them were all over the place running around together having a blast.  They have so much fun together at our community events.  

It was another successful party and I was very thankful we were all healthy and able to attend.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Official....We have a WALKER!

I thought Skylar walked early at 11 months, but Madden crushed that by starting to walk at 10 months.  He cruises around the house so proud of himself with the biggest smile on his face.  He will pull himself up on anything and everything and start walking to wherever he wants to go.  I even lost him the other day because he decided his new favorite place is to walk behind the couch and hid.  Skylar is loving have her little brother walk as well, as she loves to hold his hand and "help" (or what she thinks is helping him) walk with her.  I couldn't be more proud of our little guy and he continues to amaze me every day with his new accomplishments.