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Monday, March 28, 2011

Darci & Blake's Housewarming Party

Now a days it’s pretty rare when we get to see our friends so when Darci and Blake planned a housewarming party I lined up my mom to babysit like a month before because I was so excited to see everyone.   Darci and Blake got married last summer and they just purchased their first home together.  It’s a really cute 2 bedroom townhouse not too far from their old apartment.  I really think that Darci and Blake should both quit their current jobs and start an interior design company together because their townhouse was too cute for words.  

There was an amazing spread of appetizers and drinks and a good group of people had already arrived and had drinks in hand.  It was a good mix of people.  Blake's really good friends from college and their wives were there, as well as Blake's family.

It was New Years when we had seen Dianne and Jake last, so it was so nice to get to catch up.  Jake & Jake were attached at the hip for whole night.  Dianne and I kept seeing the two of them having these deep conversations.  It was also nice because Darci invited Kelle and John Stagnaro.  Kelle was in my sorority and her husband, John was in Jake's fraternity.  We would love to see them more often, but unfortunately don’t, so we need to work on that.  It was great chatting with Kelle and Jake even in his tipsy state on the drive home was like “Oh, I’m totally have lunch with John next week!”

There probably was about 20 people at the party and half of the girls were pregnant.  I think Dianne, Darci and I were the only ones who weren’t pregnant, so by 9:30/10:00 the party had cleared out and it was just us left.  Blake, Jake and Jake went down to Blake’s man cave to play darts while us gals just hung out in the living room and relaxed.  We missed Jackie and Bryan who couldn't make it since Lincoln was sick and of course Jenn and Matt weren't able to come out for the party since they just had a baby a week before.  Even though we don't get to see our friend very often, when we do get together it's like we never skip a beat.  I honestly think that Jake and I have some of the greatest friends anyone could ask for.  Big THANKS to Darci and Blake for being such great hosts.  It was a great night out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

S U R P R I S E ! ! !

Well last week was my birthday and it was the big 3-0.  I wasn't too depressed about turning thirty.  I feel like my life is pretty good.  I'm married, I have a baby, I have a good job, I haven't found any grey hair.  I just wanted to celebrate it but not have to plan the celebration, so I left it in Jake's hands.  I'm not going to lie I didn't expect Jake to do much.  Jake has been super busy with work and I just assumed he wouldn't have time to plan anything big.  I figured he would just take me out to a nice dinner and that would be it.

To my surprise, Jake threw me a 30th Surprise Party which was so amazing of him.  All week he had been giving me fake clues about what I thought was just going to be a dinner date.  After bringing my family into the whole game plan, he told me he had to go into the office on Saturday, which he has NEVER done before.  To which I didn't think twice about it and told him not to worry about missing the lunch celebration my parents, aunt, grandma and cousin were taking me to.  So while I'm out at lunch, Jake is running to Costco picking up all the food and liquor for the party.  He told everyone to get to our house around 1:00 to help set up.  During all this I'm just sitting at the restaurant trying not to eat too much because I know I'm going to have a big dinner later that night. 

Too say the least I walk into the house to be greeted by 30 of our friends/family in our family room saying "SURPRISE"!! I guess I was in such shock everyone told me I immediately closed the door on the whole crowd and started to tear up.

The house was decorated with all cheesy 30th Birthday decorations, there was a ton of snacks and two cakes, and of course Jake got ingredients for my favorite drink....Appletini's.  Lets not forget the life size poster Jake had professional made of me hanging on the wall.  After the champagne toast, I got to mingle with everyone and hear how Jake had been planning the party for weeks and was calling everyone a few times a week to make sure they were still coming.  Jackie and Darci helped out a bunch with giving Jake names and numbers of who to invite and Darci hide all the decorations at her house.  Jake grilled up carne and pollo asada for everyone and was doing the majority of the bartending.  By 6:30pm everyone had headed out and Jake, Skylar, Erin, Matthew and I hung out until Skylar's bedtime.

I would have to say that was one of the best surprises ever!!  I would have never expect Jake to put together something like that, and especially be able to pull it off as great as he did.  I definitely have the worlds greatest husband and couldn't of ask for a better way to spend my 30th.  I love you B!! It's going to be hard to top this birthday party, I definitly have a lot of live up to when I plan Jake's 30th later this year.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Play Date!

Now that I'm working part time it's really nice because Skylar and I are able to have more play dates.  Of course, the two main people we wanted to have a play date with was Jackie and Linc, so on Friday they both came up.  It was a beautiful day so we took the babies on a walk up to the local shopping center where we grabbed lunch and sat outside.  By the time we were walking home Linc was hungry and had himself some butternut squash at the house, while Skylar showed off her crawling skills. I think Linc really enjoy all of Skylar's toys because Jackie already wants to get him some of the same ones.  I think the highlight of the day was when Skylar decided to fart in Linc's face and then just crawl away, as if she didn't do anything.  Very unlady like if I may say, but Jackie and I were laughing so hard.  It was really fun to have the two of them together and I can't wait until they are both walking and can really run around and play.