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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sesame Street Live

Jake and I wanted to take Skylar somewhere special as one of our last outings as just a family of 3 since our little man will probably be here in about a week.  I saw a commercial about Sesame Street Live being at Sports Arena so we immediately jumped on the opportunity to get tickets.  We kept telling Skylar that we were going to go see Elmo and Abby and she would get really excited.  She kept saying "Elmo and Abby sing"!  Worried that Skylar wouldn't last the whole show we purchased the cheaper tickets, but there honestly wasn't a cheap sit in the house.  Skylar had a perfect view of everything and everyone on the stage and she just loved sitting in her own sit and watching the entire show.  After each song she would clap with such enthusiasm.  We thought that maybe during intermission she would be ready to go but she said no that she wanted to wait for Elmo.  She kept asking where Elmo went and we told her Elmo had to take a nap for a few minutes because he was tired from all the singing and dancing but he would be back.  I won't lie, the show was definitely tough to sit through as a parent, but just the look of excitement on Skylar's face was worth sitting through the 90 minute show.  My one regret was that I didn't bring in my nice camera because I wasn't sure if they would let me in with it, so we only had our iPhone's and the pictures didn't turn out all that well.  Either way, it was a great way to spend the morning with Skylar and knowing she had a blast was all that mattered.

Sprayground Fun

The weather gave us a small hint of summer last week when we had some nice warm weather.  I decided since it was going to be a nice day and that the San Eljio Stroller Strides group was doing the sprayground as there playgroup that I would go work out over there so Skylar could enjoy the warm weather.  Of course, the second class was over she wanted into her swimsuit immediately to join in the fun.  Heather brought a ton of toys for the kiddos to play with and since class was over by 10:30 the sprayground wasn't crowded yet, which was nice.  Skylar had a ton of fun running around that I was worried it was going to be hard to get her to leave, but luckily after about an hour I think she was getting worn out and was ready to head out.  I definitely think this is going to be the first of many trips to the sprayground this summer.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Flower Fields

Last year Jake and I talked about going to the Flower Fields almost every weekend and when we finally decided to go they were completely closed down for the season.  We felt like dummies because we live just 5 minutes away from there and the fact that we didn't know that the fields were closed we made it a point that we wouldn't let that happen this year.  This weekend we had such beautiful weather that we decided that we were going to head over to the fields.  Thinking if we got there early enough it wouldn't be too crowded wasn't the wisest thought because once we got there around 10:00am it was already pretty packed.  The fields definitely had more than we thought, with a bunch of booths selling stuff, food everywhere, a playground, and of course just tons of gorgeous flowers.  We let Skylar direct us through the nursery, to which she kept saying "This way Mama, Dada, this way."

All the fields were just so pretty you couldn't of asked for better scenery.  This is when I wish I had really good picture taking skills.

Next we headed to the flower field maze and of course the little missy wanted us to follow her though the whole thing, which had us in the maze for what felt like 30 minutes.

I didn't want to stop in the playground area because Skylar can play on a playground anytime, and I wanted to keep enjoying all different flowers, but once she spotted it we really had not choice but to go in and let her play for awhile.

When we purchased our tickets we also spent the extra $10.00 for the tractor ride, but when Jake and I wanted to ride it Skylar demanded that we didn't and kept saying "No tractor, no tractor!!" So there went our $10.00, maybe next time.  After a couple hours at the fields and it almost being nap time we decided it was time to go to which Skylar left kicking and screaming but I promised I would try and take her back before the season ended. 

(Saying cheese, but of course, not looking at the camera.  This was right before her cry fit).

Easter 2012

Well Easter didn't quite get started on a good note.  One of the wonderful Moms at Stroller Strides invited us to her home for an Easter Party.  There was great food, toys, bubbles, balloons and the guest of honor the Easter Bunny. Thinking that Skylar handled Santa pretty well this year, I figured she would be OK with the Easter Bunny, but I was way wrong.  I felt like the worst Mom because I knew she didn't want to sit on his lap because the second he walked into the house she started to freak out, but I figured all kids have to have a picture like this.

Luckily after her traumatic sit down with the Easter Bunny she loosened up and enjoy the rest of the party, hunted for eggs and played with all the kiddos.

Next on the Easter agenda was over the weekend to dye eggs.  Worried that Skylar was going to just love dying the eggs and make a big mess didn't happen.  She pretty much just dropped one egg in each of the color dyes and she was over it.  

I kept telling Skylar that the Easter Bunny was going to come to our house and leave her a present so she needed to go to sleep that night to get her basket to which I highly doubt she understood what I was talking about, but that night she did go to bed repeating to herself "Jelly Beans are Good, Jelly Beans are Good."   Skylar was so excited the second she saw her basket, and of course went straight for the eggs.  Since Jake is such a stickler about candy/sweets for her so I put yogurt covered raisins in her eggs and I don't think she even knew the difference.  In her basket she had Easter books, sidewalk chalk, a new swimsuit, sandals and two new hats.

For Easter Sunday we went down to my Aunt's house to meet up with the rest of the family.  As usual there was yummy food and great company.  

(My child never likes to take pictures with me, she only takes good ones with her Dada)

Nana and Papa also gave Skylar a small Easter basket, where she got more books, another swimsuit, bracelets, and more yum yums in the eggs.

After dinner Skylar decided she wanted to wear her new swimsuit around the house.  See what I mean, great picture with Dad.  

It was yet another nice holiday for our family.  Skylar did all the things you are suppose to do, see the Easter Bunny, participate in an egg hunt, dye eggs, and eat a bunch of yummy treats in plastic eggs.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Ladies Trip

It was so great that with us having the Baby Sprinkle it gave Jake's Mom, Aunt and Grandma the perfect reason to plan a ladies weekend trip down to visit with us.  Jake's Mom had already been down not to long before that, but Aunt Sherry and Grandma Mary had never seen our new house so this made for the perfect opportunity.  Having them down was a ton of fun and Skylar was just overjoyed to have them show her so much attention.  They arrived around dinner time on Friday so we just made a nice dinner and caught up.  Skylar was a bit shy when they first arrived but it didn't take long for her to start running up and down the halls screaming and chatting away to the three of them. Saturday was the sprinkle which it was so nice to have them all lending a hand during the setting up for the shower.  After Skylar finally crashed out for a nap on my brother...which was super cute, she had a ton of energy and just wanted to play football in the alley with Dad, Aunt Sherry and Grandma Suzie.

The next morning we celebrated an early Easter and had Skylar open up her Easter presents from Grandma Suzie, Aunt Sherry and Uncle Jessee, Cara, and Nico.  Grandma Mary missed this part of the day because she was past out to the world going on about 12 hours of sleep.  She loved staying in our guest room and said she hadn't slept that well in a while.  She received some great gifts, but I think Aunt Sherry's gift took the cake with the fish puzzle, because once Skylar opened that it took her about another 30 minutes to even care to open her other gifts because she was having so much fun playing with her new puzzle.

She loves saying "cheese" but doesn't quite get the idea that she has to look at the camera when she says it.

That night we decided to walk up to our local shopping center and have a nice dinner.  It was the perfect way to end the ladies trip.  It was so nice having everyone visit, especially Aunt Sherry and Grandma Mary because we don't get to visit with them often enough and with the new baby on the way who knows when we will see them again.  Skylar just loved playing with Aunt Sherry, as they would hide under the comforter on the blow up mattress, looking for mama snails together, and she would drag Aunt Sherry into her play room over and over again to get new books to read.  Grandma Mary was just a sweet as could be with Skylar and whenever Skylar would sit down to eat Grandma Mary would sit next to her and chat with her about what she was eating.  I hope that we can make this ladies trip a annual tradition as it really made for a lot of fun to having the 3 of them down.