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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Well Easter didn't quite get started on a good note.  One of the wonderful Moms at Stroller Strides invited us to her home for an Easter Party.  There was great food, toys, bubbles, balloons and the guest of honor the Easter Bunny. Thinking that Skylar handled Santa pretty well this year, I figured she would be OK with the Easter Bunny, but I was way wrong.  I felt like the worst Mom because I knew she didn't want to sit on his lap because the second he walked into the house she started to freak out, but I figured all kids have to have a picture like this.

Luckily after her traumatic sit down with the Easter Bunny she loosened up and enjoy the rest of the party, hunted for eggs and played with all the kiddos.

Next on the Easter agenda was over the weekend to dye eggs.  Worried that Skylar was going to just love dying the eggs and make a big mess didn't happen.  She pretty much just dropped one egg in each of the color dyes and she was over it.  

I kept telling Skylar that the Easter Bunny was going to come to our house and leave her a present so she needed to go to sleep that night to get her basket to which I highly doubt she understood what I was talking about, but that night she did go to bed repeating to herself "Jelly Beans are Good, Jelly Beans are Good."   Skylar was so excited the second she saw her basket, and of course went straight for the eggs.  Since Jake is such a stickler about candy/sweets for her so I put yogurt covered raisins in her eggs and I don't think she even knew the difference.  In her basket she had Easter books, sidewalk chalk, a new swimsuit, sandals and two new hats.

For Easter Sunday we went down to my Aunt's house to meet up with the rest of the family.  As usual there was yummy food and great company.  

(My child never likes to take pictures with me, she only takes good ones with her Dada)

Nana and Papa also gave Skylar a small Easter basket, where she got more books, another swimsuit, bracelets, and more yum yums in the eggs.

After dinner Skylar decided she wanted to wear her new swimsuit around the house.  See what I mean, great picture with Dad.  

It was yet another nice holiday for our family.  Skylar did all the things you are suppose to do, see the Easter Bunny, participate in an egg hunt, dye eggs, and eat a bunch of yummy treats in plastic eggs.

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  1. What a great Easter Skylar had! The Easter Bunny pix is priceless! Egg dying at your house is a dainty affair. It was so cute that Skylar wanted to wear her swim suit on Easter.
    It was cute that she was saying to herself, "Jelly beans are good!" :-)
    Love, Suzie