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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Ladies Trip

It was so great that with us having the Baby Sprinkle it gave Jake's Mom, Aunt and Grandma the perfect reason to plan a ladies weekend trip down to visit with us.  Jake's Mom had already been down not to long before that, but Aunt Sherry and Grandma Mary had never seen our new house so this made for the perfect opportunity.  Having them down was a ton of fun and Skylar was just overjoyed to have them show her so much attention.  They arrived around dinner time on Friday so we just made a nice dinner and caught up.  Skylar was a bit shy when they first arrived but it didn't take long for her to start running up and down the halls screaming and chatting away to the three of them. Saturday was the sprinkle which it was so nice to have them all lending a hand during the setting up for the shower.  After Skylar finally crashed out for a nap on my brother...which was super cute, she had a ton of energy and just wanted to play football in the alley with Dad, Aunt Sherry and Grandma Suzie.

The next morning we celebrated an early Easter and had Skylar open up her Easter presents from Grandma Suzie, Aunt Sherry and Uncle Jessee, Cara, and Nico.  Grandma Mary missed this part of the day because she was past out to the world going on about 12 hours of sleep.  She loved staying in our guest room and said she hadn't slept that well in a while.  She received some great gifts, but I think Aunt Sherry's gift took the cake with the fish puzzle, because once Skylar opened that it took her about another 30 minutes to even care to open her other gifts because she was having so much fun playing with her new puzzle.

She loves saying "cheese" but doesn't quite get the idea that she has to look at the camera when she says it.

That night we decided to walk up to our local shopping center and have a nice dinner.  It was the perfect way to end the ladies trip.  It was so nice having everyone visit, especially Aunt Sherry and Grandma Mary because we don't get to visit with them often enough and with the new baby on the way who knows when we will see them again.  Skylar just loved playing with Aunt Sherry, as they would hide under the comforter on the blow up mattress, looking for mama snails together, and she would drag Aunt Sherry into her play room over and over again to get new books to read.  Grandma Mary was just a sweet as could be with Skylar and whenever Skylar would sit down to eat Grandma Mary would sit next to her and chat with her about what she was eating.  I hope that we can make this ladies trip a annual tradition as it really made for a lot of fun to having the 3 of them down.

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  1. Thank you for your warm story, Nicole. These were great pix! I wish Mother could see them. We had such a great time!
    Skylar is so dear to us.
    Much love,