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Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Sprinkle

When my Mom and Erin mentioned having a Baby Sprinkle for our little man I was really nervous about it and felt that it wasn't appropriate since I had already had a baby shower for Skylar.  I didn't want to make people feel like they had to come or purchase a gift for our little guy.  Needless to say it definitely took some convincing from the both of them before I gave them the OK for us to have one and I'm really glad I did.  My Mom is the most amazing person and for her to put everything together for me was just the sweetest thing in the world.  From the food to the colors to the decorations, my Mom had a great vision on what she wanted everything to look like and did a terrific job putting it all together.  I love the way the whole thing turned out.


It was great because I invite my good friend Rocio and she brought her daughter Naanelii so her and Skylar we able to run around and play together during the shower.


All my family and friends were so generous.  Our little guy was definitely showed so much love as we received the most incredible gifts from everyone.  I'm just so extremely thankful to have all these amazing people in my life.  Skylar was Mom's little present helper as she would just rip into all the gifts and then move right on to the next one before I even had a chance to read the cards.  My cousin Kattie and Erin were so sweet as they both got Skylar  a little something, to which Skylar immediately wanted to wear around the house.

The most adorable outfit from my Mom!

And Auntie Erin came through with the Pee pee Teepee's!

All in all it was a great day even if the weather wasn't 100% on our side.  I loved having all my family and friends over to my home and having them celebrate the soon arrival of our little man.  A HUGE THANK YOU to my WONDERFUL Mom who put the whole thing together and really made it very special for me.  I Love You Mom!!

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  1. It WAS a wonderful shower, Nicole! It was so much fun to visit with your family and friends.
    Love, Suzie