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Monday, April 9, 2012

Flower Fields

Last year Jake and I talked about going to the Flower Fields almost every weekend and when we finally decided to go they were completely closed down for the season.  We felt like dummies because we live just 5 minutes away from there and the fact that we didn't know that the fields were closed we made it a point that we wouldn't let that happen this year.  This weekend we had such beautiful weather that we decided that we were going to head over to the fields.  Thinking if we got there early enough it wouldn't be too crowded wasn't the wisest thought because once we got there around 10:00am it was already pretty packed.  The fields definitely had more than we thought, with a bunch of booths selling stuff, food everywhere, a playground, and of course just tons of gorgeous flowers.  We let Skylar direct us through the nursery, to which she kept saying "This way Mama, Dada, this way."

All the fields were just so pretty you couldn't of asked for better scenery.  This is when I wish I had really good picture taking skills.

Next we headed to the flower field maze and of course the little missy wanted us to follow her though the whole thing, which had us in the maze for what felt like 30 minutes.

I didn't want to stop in the playground area because Skylar can play on a playground anytime, and I wanted to keep enjoying all different flowers, but once she spotted it we really had not choice but to go in and let her play for awhile.

When we purchased our tickets we also spent the extra $10.00 for the tractor ride, but when Jake and I wanted to ride it Skylar demanded that we didn't and kept saying "No tractor, no tractor!!" So there went our $10.00, maybe next time.  After a couple hours at the fields and it almost being nap time we decided it was time to go to which Skylar left kicking and screaming but I promised I would try and take her back before the season ended. 

(Saying cheese, but of course, not looking at the camera.  This was right before her cry fit).

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  1. I knew the flower fields would be beautiful, but I didn't realize they would be so vast. What a great family outing. Skylar looked so cute running through the flower maze.
    Love, Suzie