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Monday, July 7, 2014

Skylar's 1st Dance Recital

Ever since I found out I was having a girl I think I had been dreaming about this day.  Skylar has been dancing for a year now and thankfully she has really loved it.  My mom told me that I was the complete opposite.  She tried her hardest to get me to do dance, but I guess I wanted nothing to do with it.  From the start Skylar has really enjoyed being a part of her tap/ballet combo class.  She has dance class on the day I work so I rarely get to see her dance so when it was recital time Jake and I were very excited to see our girl shine.

Rectial was all weekend.  She had rehearsal and pictures on Saturday and recital on Sunday.  For many who know me they know I know nothing about make-up.  I rarely wear it and still own the same 5 mac eye shadows I purchased back in my junior year of college.  Needless to say I was pretty stressed about Skylar's hair and make up.  Thank goodness to our amazing nanny Maria, she showed me exactly how to do the hair bun and make up. So she gets all the credit for making our ballerina look so pretty.

She had a couple of nerves the day of the rehearsal but she worked through those and couldn't be more ready to dance for us.  My Mom, Jake's parents, and Aunt Sherry all came in to watch Skylar dance, while my Dad was kind enough to watch Madden for us.  I, of course, was running around all morning trying to get Skylar ready and Madden packed up for his morning with Papa and during all the chaos I forgot a piece of Skylar's outfit. The recital was in La Jolla and we were just about to exit the freeway when I realized what I forgot.  Thankfully to Jake, he immediately turned around and raced all the way back home to get the arm bands for her.  He said he never thought his pruis could do 100 mph, but it did.

The theme of the recital was Lights, Camera, Action and each performance had music from a movie.  Skylar performed to "Somewhere Out There," from the movie American Tail.  From the second the curtains opened I was in tears.  Watching her up there, in front of all those people and not being afraid really warmed my heart .  She had the biggest smile on her face during her whole dance routine, and her performance was perfect (but I may be bias...haha)   

Skylar with all her classmates and her teacher Ms. Jenny.

Afterwards she was on cloud nine. Loving all the attention and praise, which she deserved. 

It really was a fun morning and we couldn't be more proud of our tiny dancer.  As we were leaving Skylar was already asking when she was going back to dance class.  

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  1. No, you are not bias, Nicole, Skylar's performance WAS perfect. We liked the pictures of Skylar and dancers with their wands raised, and the one with her teacher. She had the sweetest smile on the whole dance. Once the drama of the missing costume piece was over, and Jake's strange time to test the limits of his Prius (Ha, ha!), sitting in the audience watching Skylar dance was just "a little piece of heaven." The group picture shows how proud we all were of her.
    Suzie and Paul