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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Skylar's Last Day of her First Year of Preschool

A couple nights ago when I was putting Skylar to bed I told her to please stop growing up and asked her to stay four years old forever.  She replied..."Mom, you know I can't do that!"

Talk about time flying, I can't believe we just celebrated Skylar's last day of her first year for preschool.  Preschool was so fun for Skylar.  She loved going every day.  Not one tear the whole year, besides the mornings she wanted to wear a dress and I would say no.  I believe she only missed one or two days of school the whole year.  I knew how much she enjoyed being there that I didn't want her to miss a minute of it.  She made some great new friends and has definitely grown socially.  Madeline, Emma, Summer, Parker, Conner, and Daniel and the names we heard the most.  Her teachers spoken very highly of her and how well she listens that we couldn't be more proud of her.  Both teachers are looking forward to see all she will accomplish next year.


There is no one better to share these special memories with than her best friend Sophie.  Even though the two of them were in different classrooms they lucked out and got to be on the playground together all year.  From the tidbits I got from Skylar and from talking to other moms they were basically one whenever together at school.

Sophie, Skylar, and Daniel

To celebrate the last day of school Skylar's teachers invited all the parents for a potluck lunch for the last hour of class.  The kids sang songs for us, got to eat special treats, and presented their amazing teachers with gifts.

Skylar and Miss Paulette 

Skylar and Miss L

Skylar and her great friend Emma.  

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  1. Skylar has grown up so much during her first year of pre-school. Each picture shows how much she enjoyed it. The pictures of her and her friends are so cute. It is hard to believe her first year of school is over already!
    Happy Summer!
    Love, Grand-ma