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Monday, June 2, 2014

May Madness

For some reason May was a very busy month of us.  We were doing something every weekend and some week days.  I thought I would do a small update with a couple of pictures on our packed month.

On Mother's Day we had went to the Sheraton for Brunch with Nana and Papa!

The kids celebrated Johnny's 2nd Birthday.

Kael's 4th Birthday Party.

Nana and Papa came down for a visit and the kids got to take their first train ride.  We boarded in Carlsbad and took the coaster to Solana Beach where we did some window shopping and ate lunch.  Skylar and Madden loved riding the coaster.  Madden had the biggest grin on his face and said "cho-cho" the whole time.  They didn't want to get off, but with nap times we had to make it a short trip.

Memorial Day we hit up the beach first thing and had a great morning.  

Skylar's first time being buried in the sand.  She loved it a didn't want to get out.

The Hullabaloo concert at the Botanical Gardens.

Jake and the kids met up with Johnny and his mom at the Leo Carrillo Ranch's Wild Wild West Event.

Madden got to ride his first horse which I was pretty shocked he did. I figured he would of been scared, but Jake said he loved it.  He came home telling me "Neigh...Me, Neigh...Me!" Meaning, Mama I rode a horse.  His horses name was Spot which he called "Pot."  Skylar being the expert rider now loved riding her horse Sugar.  They did arts and crafts and just cruised around the grounds of the ranch.

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  1. It is so good to catch up with your busy and "fun" May adventures! How fun to go on a train ride! Madden looked so proud on his first horse! I like the picture of Skylar, Madden and Sophie at "the ranch." And the picture of Madden with his friend, holding hands, is so cute.

    Congratulations to Matthew and Erin. Matthew looks so proud holding Lennon! It makes Skylar look so big!

    Thanks for sharing so many happy events!