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Monday, July 14, 2014

Ballpark Fun

A few months back our awesome neighbor CJ was kind of enough to get us all tickets to a Padres game.  Since JJ and Madden need their naps we wanted to try and find a later afternoon game time.  Lucky for us we found one that landed on the Fourth of July holiday weekend, so what better way to keep the fun rolling.  I hadn't been to a Padres game since Skylar was a year old so it was definitely time to hit up the park again.  

We thought the kids would love taking the coaster and trolley down to the park, which of course was a big hit.

We got front row sits in the beach area which was perfect for the kids.  They were able to run around and play right in front of us.  Once we got there Skylar saw cotton candy and immediately started begging for some.  The kids ate a typical ball park dinner; pretzels and nachos before they got their special treat.

It was a really fun evening, even though the Padres lost.  We already got tickets for another game a couple weeks out.  

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