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Monday, June 24, 2013


We live very close to the Carlsbad airport so we definitely get our fair share of airplanes and helicopters above our house and for months now Madden has became completely intrigued by them.  At the first sound of a plane or helicopter going over head Madden immediately starts staring into the sky and pointing his fingers it search for it.  Once he gets that glimpse of the plane the biggest smile comes across his face with such joy.  It doesn't matter where we are, the front yard, playing in the alley, at the pool, or even sometimes in the house sitting in his highchair eating, whenever he hears that sound he gets so giddy.

Since I have noticed how much he has started to love airplanes I had been thinking about taking him to the Carlsbad airport.  They have a restaurant called The Landings that I know several moms have taken their little boys too.  So finally this weekend my parents and I decided to head over there for breakfast with the kids.  From the moment we got there, Madden was in heaven.  A small airplane had just finishing loading up passengers and Madden got to see it taxi out and take off.

When we sat at our table for breakfast, Madden refused to sit and just wanted to stare out the ceiling to floor windows looking out onto the runway.  He would look at the window and than come back to the table and point and make his little sounds as if he was asking us "Where are the planes? Where are the planes?"  Lucky for him he got to see several small aircraft's take off and land.  He even got to see another aircraft come into the gates which was definitely his highlight of the morning.

When his breakfast finally came we were able to get him to sit and eat, but he was constantly standing up in his highchair, pointing out the window when we would tell him "Plane Madden, Plane."  He loved it and I wish I would of done better and got an actual picture to show you the expression on his face.

I just love that my little Bubs is such a boy and loving everything boy at the moment!!

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  1. I can't believe I didn't comment on this when I looked at it the first time! These are great little pix of Madden watching the airplanes. Yes, little boys love airplanes; and Jake used to stop whatever he was doing to watch one fly overhead which really wasn't too often in Paradise at the time!