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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Carlsbad Flower Fields

This post is a really late one.  For some reason I totally forgot to upload the pictures from our trip to the flower fields until this past weekend.

We live so close to the flower fields that every time I drive past them when they are in bloom and tell myself  "Tomorrow I'm going to take the kids!" And of course, tomorrow comes and I don't make it there.  After months of telling myself that and not making, I was determined to go.  It was Skylar's official birthday and I thought it would be a fun place to take her to celebrate. I'm glad we went when we did because it was the last weekend they were opened and a good amount of the flowers were on their last leg.  The flower display of the American flag had definitely lost its luster and most of is red, white, and blue was no longer.

We walked around and look at all the flowers and birds in their cages.  Last year I remember Skylar was really scared and refused to ride the tractor, but this year she was all about it.  It was so nice that we arrived right when it opened because no one was there and we walked right onto the tractor wagon ride.  Madden loved riding it and of course wanted to stand up the whole time.

I attempt to get some cute pictures of the kids in the flowers with my shaking camera skills.  Madden was more interested in just ripping all the pedals off the already limp flowers and could care less about taking a picture for Mom.  Skylar on the other hand was a little bit more cooperative and let Mom snap a few shots of her.


After torturing the kids with enough pictures we went over to the playground where they couldn't of been happier.  Like I said, no one was around so the kids had the playground all to themselves. My two munchkins loved running around and playing in all the miniature houses.

Even if it was the end of the flower season, I'm glad that we made our annual trip.  The kids had a great time and that is all that I wanted.  Next year I will definitely make more effort to go earlier so we can get the full effect of all the beautiful surroundings the Flower Fields have to offer.

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  1. These are great pix. Skylar and Madden are so cute posing with the colorful background. The pix of Madden peaking out of the little house window is so cute. What a great place to take pix of the kids.