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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend 2013

We had a great time this weekend celebrating the most amazing Dad.  I'm sure I don't thank Jake enough for all he does for the kids and I.  I truly feel like the luckiest wife and mom in the world to be able to share my life with him and our kids.

We thank you for being everything that you are and we love you with all our hearts!

Ok, now on to our eventful weekend!!  For close to a year now all of us Bressi Ranch residents have been patiently waiting for Pizza Port to open, and lucky for all of us it opened Father's Day week.  We went up with our awesome neighbors the Rossitto family, which put Skylar and Sophie on cloud nine.  These two great dads carried both girls on their shoulders the whole way there.  

From the second we got there the girls were out of control (in a good way).  The place was just packed and the girls were running around everywhere.  They were obsessed with all the arcade games.  Half the time they would think they were playing the game when they weren't.  The dads finally got them some tokens which allowed them to play the games and get candy out of the machines, which wasn't the best idea.  At one point the girls let out the loudest screams while playing a game that the whole restaurant stopped.  Jess and I were dying!  We finally got them to eat some pizza, but it didn't last long as they wanted to keep running a muck.  Madden on the other hand ate two pieces of pizza himself before he discovered the arcade games.  

The girls continued to entertain people who were coming and going, by singing and dancing outside.  It was so cute and we all had a great time.  None of us parents got to sit down, but the Dads were having a great time eating pizza and drinking beer, which is all that mattered.  That night we let the girls take baths together and play way past their bedtimes.  We all feel so lucky to have such a great place for pizza and beers so close to our home.  It's definitely going to be a regular place for us.  The Dads had such a good time, they even went back the next night.

Father's Day morning Jake went out surfing early while the kids and I stayed home and got his gifts ready.  Skylar was very excited to give Dada his new coffee mug with a picture of her and Madden on it.  We asked Jake what he wanted to do and he said beach day with the family, so after Madden's morning nap, we packed up and headed out.  It was such a gorgeous day, the beach was really the place to be.  This even happened to be Madden's first time at the beach.  He was definitely taking it all in and was very curious.   


For weeks now Jake has been wanting to fly a kite with Skylar.  We tried a couple weeks ago and it was a huge bust, but the weather at the beach was perfect kite flying weather.  Skylar help Dad get it launched and the kids loved watching it fly.

Skylar was having a blast from the moment we got there.  Which was pretty funny because when Dad told her he wanted to go to the beach for Dada's Day, she told us she didn't want to go.  Of course, once we got there, she had a change of heart.  She and Jake were jumping the wave the whole time.  She was loving being in the water with Dad.     

While Madden tested out the water, he much rather of been up with mom eating snacks and playing in the sand.  He loved watching the pelicans fly over head (which Grandma you should be very excited about).  

After a couple of hours and nap time nearing it was time to pack up the kids and head home.  We couldn't of asked for a better way to spend Father's Day and end our weekend celebrating the #1 Dad around.    

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  1. Paul and I loved these "Father's Day" pix. Of course, I liked the pix of Skylar and Sophie on their Dad's shoulders. We both enjoyed the "dancing" on a rock. These 2 girls were "rock stars!" (Pun intended.) The beach pix are so cute. ALL are special. We liked that Skylar is in a bikini while only Madden's calves are showing. Jake, "Happy Father's Day" to a fantastic Father and Daddy. (Great Blog entry, Nicole.)