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Monday, June 24, 2013

Fairy Day Festival

I'm so thankful for the Rossitto Family for telling us about Fairy Day and letting us tag along with them.  I, like normal, had no idea that it even existed and it is such a cute event for little girls.  I was so glad Skylar got to experience it. and even better, she was able to experience it with her best friend Sophie.  We planned to head over together around 9:30, but Skylar was so excited to show Sophie her fairy dress that she was knocking at her door by 9:00.  These two fairies were so cute together, it was priceless!!

When we arrived we could see tons of fairies piling out of their cars.  The grounds had set up after set up of different arts and craft projects to do.  The girls were so happy to be there, that our first stop was getting our fairy accessories.  The girls each got fairy wands to complete their outfits.  The Dads purchased the tickets and the arts and crafts projects began.  We started off making pictures with fairy stamps.

Painting and Bejeweling Mirrors

Painting pretty roses


Madden and sweet little B watching the girls painting.

After getting some projects under their belts, the girls wanted to walk around and meet some of the fairy princesses.  We found our first fairy princess and the girls waited patiently in line to meet her.  She even gave them special fairy dust to throw in the air and make a wish.    

The fairy princess told them around the corner was the fairy queen and the girls raced over to meet her.  The queen asked them cute questions and complimented them on their fairy dresses, they were all smiles while meeting her.

Throwing their fairy dust in the air and making a wish. 

Lucky for the girls we found their good friends Ryan and Molly.  The girls ran through the festival together on cloud nine.  They made floral bracelets and we finally got them to sit down when we found the Italian ice stand.

The festival was starting to get pretty crowded, the heat was on, and Madden was starting to go downhill really fast since he missed his morning nap.  The girls wanted to paint treasure boxes, but sadly the line was too long and the Rossitto's had a flight to catch, so we decided to call it a day.  The botanical gardens did a great job putting it all together and Jess said that it was even better than last years.  Our two little fairy princesses had a blast together which made Fairy Day a huge success! 

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