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Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

It's been great having Suzie retired from teaching and her and Paul being able to make more trips down during the year to visit us.  We are lucky enough that they usually come down every 2 to 2 1/2 months and this past weekend was they annual summer trip down.  Skylar was so excited for their visit that she refused to nap after school because she knew they were arriving real soon.  Madden held back a bit when he woke up from his nap to find them at our house, but it didn't take long before he and Grandpa were playing with trucks and cars.  I think Grandma was in the house for 15 minutes before she and Skylar were in her fort, having a tea party.  

We wanted to try and fit in as many activities as we could during their visit down.  On our first full day together we headed over to the Mediation Gardens in Encinitas.  Jake and I had taken Skylar there a few years ago and we knew how much she enjoyed it so we figured Madden would as well.  The kids loved all the ponds with the Koi fish.  Madden wanted to stand right on the edge of the pond without anyone holding him.  He kept pushing all of our hands away from his waist as we were all fearful he was going to be pointing a little too close to the fish and would fall into the pond.

The views from the gardens pretty much sum up how lucky we are to live where we do.  Madden loved being held on the fence by Grandpa so he could stare out at the ocean.  I was joking that I think he just like the wind blowing through his hair.  Skylar was a little jumping bean this visit. Exploring everything she could and leading us through the gardens at her own quick pace.  It was nice that Grandma and Grandpa were there to help us keep an eye on her.

 After the gardens we headed to a nice lunch and back home for nap time.  That night it was Concert in the Park, and having gone the week before, we knew it would be something that Grandma and Grandpa would really enjoy.  Everyone danced for most of the two hours and had a blast.  Sadly, I have no pictures from it as I was so busy running around with the kids and friends that I didn't take any.

The next day we decided it was going to be our beach day.  Jake's parents love the beach and it doesn't matter what time of year they are visiting we always make it to the beach.  It didn't take Skylar much convincing because she had been begging to go the beach for the last two weeks.  We packed up and piled into the car.  Jake parents brought a small beach tent which the kids loved.  I think Skylar was more excited about the tent than the actual beach.  She would run to the water, jump in the waves for a bit and ran right back to the tent.  Jake and his mom got in their traditional paddle board game while Madden and Grandpa played in the sand.  Madden was very timid about the ocean this trip and only went about half way to the water and decided to head back and eat crackers on Grandpa's lap.  We all enjoyed a nice dinner that night at one of our fav's, Tommy V's.  

On the last day of the grandparents visit, we thought it would be best to do something close to home.  Ever since we moved to Carlsbad, Jake's Mom has been talking about wanting to visit the Leo Carrillo Ranch.  Last year we attempted to go but of course we showed up too early and it wasn't open, so this time we doubled check the time and it worked out perfect after Madden's first nap.  The Leo Carrillo Ranch is right around the corner from our house and we got there right when it opened.  A bit of history behind it is that Leo Carrillo was a famous Hollywood actor and this was the ranch he built.   I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it turned out pretty cool.

The biggest surprise at the ranch were the amount of peacocks they have roaming the grounds.  They were perched on the fences, basking in the grass, even hanging out on the rooftops.  Madden loved them and just kept pointing them out whenever he saw one pass by.  We walked through the whole ranch and into all the different buildings.  There was a barn, tack house (whatever that is) main house, kitchen, guestrooms, even a pool and a bar.  The kids enjoyed wandering the whole ranch, while Grandma loved learning all about the history.


The kids found a room that had a horse saddle in it and they just kept taking turns sitting on it. 

We saw everything the ranch had to offer and I was glad that Suzie's dream of finally visiting the Carrillo Ranch came true.  It truly was a quick, fun outing for everyone and I'm sure we will go back after seeing how much fun the kids seemed to have.

Of course, like all vacations, they fly by to fast.  I really wish the Grandparents could of spent one more day with the kiddos.  Skylar asked for them first thing in the morning and I had to explain to her that they had to drive back to their house, but that we would see them again real soon.  I feel so blessed to have such a great set of grandparents for my kids.  Paul and Suzie not being able to see Skylar and Madden on a regular basis really make up for it when they are with them.  They spend almost ever waking minute with the kids.  They are either having tea parties, doing puzzles, playing Lego's, walking up to the park, playing princess, playing with trucks, reading books, helping with bath, just about anything the kids ask them to do, and they both do it with a smile on their face.  I can't thank them enough for everything they do during their visits with us.  We send big hugs and kiss to Grandma and Grandpa and we are looking forward to their next visit in the early Fall.  

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  1. The best part is that we REALLY DID have as much fun as these pictures show! There is so much to do near Carlsbad that we don't need to go far to have fun. Nicole has become quite a good photographer, and the pix of the "gardens," beach and Ranch are so good. But we are just as happy to be playing with Skylar and Madden in their own backyard. What lucky children to have two such wonderful parents. And we are so lucky to be able to spend such quality time with our much loved grandchildren.
    What a wonderful visit, and great memories with family in SoCal.
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa