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Monday, August 19, 2013

America's Finest City - Half Marathon

Half Marathon season for the year sadly came to an end this weekend with us all running in the AFC half.  Everyone did a kick butt job with half of the girls running personal bests (which was certainly my main goal).  The morning started off very early with my alarm clock going off at 3:45 am.  With the race being all the way downtown we had to make sure we got up extra early to catch the buses down at the Zoo which shuttled us to the start line in Point Loma. The traffic getting to the race was something we all didn't expect and were very annoyed by.  After finally parking, getting on the bus and arriving to the start line we all missed the start of the race as we were in line for the potties.   

We finally crossed the start line about 10 minutes after the start of the race, which a lot of people seemed to be in our same boat as that first 2 miles down through Point Loma was extremely crowded and took a lot of energy to pass people.  Our last race we all ran together most of the race, but I think because of the rush from the potties to the start line we all separated pretty quickly.  The weather was just perfect for running and with Jake having ran this half a couple times before he totally prepared me mentally for what the course entailed.  I felt pretty strong much of the race, but at about mile 9 I had to stop and use the potty and knew my hopes of running under 2 hours wasn't going to happen.  It was ok because I finished really strong and kept it still at a close 2:02 finish.  In the end I know it's not about running the fastest time, its more about getting to spend quality time with my amazing friends and cheering each other on.  I'm now looking forward to a little break from training and just enjoying the last few weeks of summer before we start back up next month.


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