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Monday, March 27, 2017

March 2017

We had an awesome night out at Gina's surprise party.

Kids got to spend sometime with Brooke and Rochelle which is always a dream for them.

Leprechaun trap building.

Playdate for Madden and his best buddies, Enzo and Carter.

Date night for  these two BFFs; Skylar and Lucy went to dinner and to watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie.

Another fun night out celebrating Nicole Halon's birthday at her gorgeous home.

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  1. Great pictures of Madden and Skylar and their good friends. I like the cozy picture of Skylar and Lucy under the blanket. 'Just love those Leprechaun traps! Madden, the Leprechaun sure played a trick on you this year with the mail mix up!! Such happy times celebrating with your friends, Jake and Nicole, in SoCal.