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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disney with her Bestie

Ever since Skylar and Sophie fastly became best friends we have been wanting to take them to Disneyland together. Jess has a annual pass and takes Sophie pretty often, so when they invited us on their next trip up I knew it was a must.  I was a bit nervous going with both kids, but between Jess, her sister Sam, and myself we were 3 on 3.  We thought the day after Halloween would be perfect and not to crowded, but to our surprise it was a lot more crowded then we expected.  Even after having nice fall weather earlier in the week, there was a heat wave and it ended up be really warm.  Either way we didn't let any of that affect us and we marched on.

Walking Main Street hand and hand!

First stop was to meet the princesses.  The girls were so cute telling each princess how they are best friends from Carlsbad.  For some reason Skylar loved telling each princess that she had a "S" in her name (kids say the randomness things).  Each conversation with the princesses was cuter than the next and it really was a special moment to watch.  Madden was pretty standoffish had no desire to take a picture with the princesses.

We hopped on the Tea Cups for our first ride.  I wasn't sure how Madden would react on the ride, but the second the tea cups started moving he was screaming and having a blast.  The girls would screech in delight while spinning, which Madden would mimic.   I loved seeing so much joy on his face!

Next Sophie wanted to take Skylar to her favorite show, Mickey and the Magic Map.  The show was great and Skylar and Madden couldn't take their eyes off it the whole time.  We then stop by Toontown and ate some lunch.  

We made our way over to California and did a bunch of the rides over there for the rest of the day.  We did Bugs land, Mater, Ariel, Monster, Inc., the Disney Junior Live Show,. and even manage to catch the end of a parade.

  We headed over to dinner in Downtown Disney where not too long after we ate the meltdowns started.  Either way, I didn't mind since the kids had been perfect the whole day and had a blast together.  I can't wait for Skylar and Madden to go back and I think a season pass my be in order.


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  1. Fun, fun day at The Magic Kingdom with Skylar and Madden. Loved the "Princess pose" with Cinderella. I liked that Jess was pushing Madden and the girls were riding in the stroller together. Those girls! The pic of the 3 of them in the car looks like Madden is thinking, "will I ever be the one to drive the car?" What a great day!
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa