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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Next Michael Phelps in the making?!?!

Last week Madden got a special treat (as did Mom who didn't have to get into the water), when Dad was able to make it to his swim class and participate with him.  If you can't tell by the huge smile on his face,  Madden loves swim class and I think he loves it even more when Dad is in the water with him.

Doing the "Humpy Dumpy" song.  Madden never waits for the parents to finish singing the song, he always jumps in mid song.

His most impressive back float by far.  Think he was showing off for his Dad.

Having a blast in the pool with Dad.  Mom sticks more to the lesson plan than Dad does.

Train game. The dive didn't phase him one bit.

One happy little fish!

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  1. I am so glad I got a chance to see Madden enjoy the water as much as Skylar. He never stops smiling or looking around at all the action. He definitely has no fear. I enjoyed (well not so much at the time) when he took a face dive off of the mat into the water from the side and came up A-okay!
    Love, Grand-ma