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Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

I wish I could explain to people how big Halloween is in our neighborhood. I really don't think people understand until they actually experience it for themselves.  When I tell people we spend at least $100.00 on candy they think I'm crazy, but when you receive close to 1000 trick or treaters you want to make sure you have enough candy for all of them.  This year was especially busier for me because Jake had to be out of town the whole week for work and wouldn't be there to help out with the kids, so I knew I was going to have my hands full.  Lucky for me, I had my Mom, Dad and Uncle Chris (who has a huge love for Halloween and I knew he would get a kick of out Halloween in Bressi Ranch) came down to help out.

This year I kept up with the tradition (while I still can), that the whole family would dress up in the same theme.  Since Skylar, like any 3 year old girl, is obsessed with princesses I decided on "Tangled" as our theme for this year.  If you haven't seen the movie its based on the princess Rapunzel.  Madden was Flynn Rider, the thief/love interest to Rapunzel and I was Mother Gothel.  She is a witch who poses as Rapunzel's motherly figure, and is responsible for locking her in the tower.

Skylar was so excited about her costume and couldn't wait to get dressed.  She had a couple Halloween parties prior to Halloween but I wouldn't let her wear her costume as I knew she would spill a cupcake or something all over it.  I was worried about her and her wig, but she wore it the whole night and didn't break character all night.  Madden on the other hand was pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing.  The second I put him in his costume he took a turn and only wanted to be held by either myself or Papa.  I was planning on taking him trick or treating with Skylar and her friends, but after I saw how he was acting I figured it would all be too much for him and it was best to leave him at home with my parents.  If it wasn't for the sucker in his hand, I don't think I would of gotten any pictures of him.

With Uncle Chris sharing the same love for Halloween that we do, he brought down a costume to wear as he passed out candy.  His costume was a huge hit with the trick or treaters.  Kids would either be completely freaked out and wouldn't want to take candy from him or they would want to take a picture with him.  Poor Madden was pretty scared of him most of the night.  When he got his first glimpse at Uncle Chris he burst into tears.  Skylar on the other hand loved it.  She keep telling Madden that it was just Uncle Chris and that he was just pretending.

I invited a couple of Skylar's friends who didn't have a fun neighborhood to trick or treat in over to our place.  The kids and even their parents had a blast the whole night.  The kids led the pack running from house to house.  We did close to an hour an a half of of trick or treating when the streets were getting really crowded and I knew the kids had more than enough candy.   Once back at our house the kids poured out all their candy to admire and of course, eat.

Skylar and I helped Uncle Chris with passing out candy to the 900 or so trick or treaters we received again this year.  Skylar loved passing out the candy.  She would shout as kids walked up "Candy here!" "Happy Halloween", "Trick or Treat."  It definitely wasn't the same without Jake, but we still had fun.  I honestly couldn't of done it if it wasn't for my parents and Uncle Chris.  When I mentioned earlier that people don't really understand Halloween in Bressi until you experience, Uncle Chris was a prime example.  For someone like him, who is a huge fan of Halloween and has experienced it in many different places, by the end of the night he was still in shock by the whole night and the amount of people who are out.  He said it almost became like a job when passing out the candy for two straight hours.  I just hope he had enough fun to come back next year!

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  1. That was quite a wig that Skylar was wearing as Rapunzel. Madden looks so happy just to be enjoying his sucker. And Uncle Chris is frightening! Bressi Ranch is a great place for Halloween. You look pretty cute yourself, Nicole!