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Monday, November 18, 2013

Princess Movie Night

A few months ago Kiry, an old friends from back home made me an offer I just couldn't refused.  She told me she works for a company who puts on movies for parties/events and offered to put a movie night on for Skylar.  How fun...right!!  I got back to her pretty quickly with a date and Princess Movie Night was on the calendar.  I asked Skylar which movie she wanted to show all her friends and she said Tangled.  I made Cake Pops, borrowed a popcorn machine and of course had wine and appetizers for the parents.  

It honestly couldn't of been a better night for it, as it was like a warm summer night. I figured that the girls would really sit an watch the whole movie, but I was wrong.  They were up dancing, running around, eating, laughing, screaming, just having a blast together.

Madden sat less than the girls did and just loved being front and center.   I think he was on a massive sugar high from the cake pops and red vines.

 Jake helped out a ton by making sure all the appetizers were baked to perfection and that all the Mom's had full glasses of wine.  

Skylar was begging to have another movie night the next day because of all the fun she had.  It was such a sweet gesture from Kiry to put the night on and she even offered to come and do it again anytime, which I may have to take her up on. 

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